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Shopping ban, anyone care to join? (May shopping challenge... Are you game?) - Page 2

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I have been reading this thread and also want to join. When I get home, I will check my eBay account and see what was the last pair of jeans I bought. I'm pretty sure it's been a couple of weeks. I also don't think I should buy anything else until I lose the 5 pounds I put on last month.

I am also trying to sell $1000 of my own collection to put toward my credit card. I'm listing my NWT pink crystal (lavendar) crowns soon and it's really hard for me. So far I've sold $200 worth of jeans. $800 more to go

For right now, my main goal is to move out of my mother's house sometime in the next 6 months so I can be a real grownup (I'm 27).
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And GREAT WORK Annie and Callire
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Hehehe... Well some of need to go on a ban, if you're doing well financially and shopping makes you happy - so be it!

I always try to stop and think why I need another bracelet or another new sweater. I already have a million and some are still NWT in the closet. *shame* Sometimes it's about keeping up with trends or getting completely infatuated with a certain item that you must have. It all a little silly when you take a step back. I feel like I need shiny new things to make me happy, and that is the essence of which consumerism relies upon.

Callire, I changed the title. Hope it's okay with ya.
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Hi Hil, you sneaked in with your posts right after I posted. Welcome to the ban!
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I NEED to go on a ban too, but F**k if I can do it

I'm off to ebay right now like an idiot to go search around....I can NOT turn down a good deal, I just can't
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Yay! More people! Thanks for joining Hilary. I'm sure you'll sell the rest of your stuff in no time... but... $1000! WOW! How many pairs do you own?

Dian- I'm sure you can think of some goals that are reasonable for you... Maybe like only one nice buy a week? That way you can cut down without depriving yourself.

Annie- You have more willpower than I. I'm still on ebay BUT! I haven't offically bought anything so hopefull I'll make out okay. Oh, and the title change is great
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Oh, and I decided to sell one more pair of jeans and a purse Plus I'm going to start adding a ton of stuff from my closet. I hate parting with things, but I just keep reminding myself that those $100 will be better spent in Europe!
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Okay, I'm joining the ban I'm trying to stick with the rules I set earlier, but since today is check-in day, I suppose some American Apparel shirts I ordered yesterday doesn't count...? They were put in a collective wholesale order with a friend so I had to act quickly.

Anyways, I'm joining in!! The only item I'm willing to break ban for are a pair of NYD Flynts, but I doubt I'll find the ones I want in the price range I need, so I don't have anything to worry about in that area.

- Jennifer (since everybody seems to refer to everyone else by their first names :P )
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Okay I will join, you got me....I don't know how long I can go though. There isn't anything on my wishlist really so I should be fine....

Okay I need to have my CC paid off before I buy anything and $4000 saved. I have $3000 right now but about $1500 on CC, stuff is already for sale and I have some $$ coming my next paycheck. I'm setting a pretty realistic goal, but one that is still going to wear on my addicted heart.

I'll need some super support from ya gals!!
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YAY! Two new recruits! Misery loves company, no?

Hehehe... I'll join on the first name bandwagon, Jennifer

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I broke the ban I bought a skirt I needed for summer lol
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Sorry I missed the name thing, I'm Dian

Bad girl Court!! Can I neg you for that??? just kidding....
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Originally Posted by guest2634 View Post
Sorry I missed the name thing, I'm Dian

Bad girl Court!! Can I neg you for that??? just kidding....
Neg away

At least I will own a conservative skirt now
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Do ya'll mind if I bump this thread everytime I have a buying urge? (warning: that may be once per hour....)
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Nooo! I may check in a million times a week! Monday is minimum.....
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I'm mostly concerned about my jeans spending, so my main goal is no new jean purchases and clearing out some of the pairs I never wear. I've managed to keep everything else relatively under control.

The last pair of jeans I bought was March 22, so I'm 16 days strong which I think is the longest I've gone in awhile.
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And Annie, thanks for starting this thread: http://www.honestforum.com/hf-chat/1...otal-debt.html. It really made me think wtf am I doing. When I looked at myself compared to other people my age, I was pretty blown away.
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Imma gonna whip you, Di!
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It's the end of semester and I am spent. The last of my money for shopping was spent on a vet bill *sigh* which means no more shopping for me.

I am not allowed to buy any clothing/accessory, and I"m not spending anymore money and any bar tabs or liquor store runs.

When I do have a job and get my first paycheck I will buy things I want then, that is approx 1month away. So I therefore begin my ban and hope to start rotating my jeans on a more regular basis.

let me add that we are offically looking for a house as well so I am on a ban for housing items until them (new bedroom set here I come!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!).
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This might end up sounding like a session of AA, but going through this ban with other girls strong enough to say 'No' is really encouraging and helping me maintain my mental strength.

That ended up sounding a little too dramatic than I had hoped for, but you get the gist
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lol, i should go on a ban because i need to save up for my next tattoo...but i dont feel like it...
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What's the most comfortable & cute shoes that you can think of? (for walking on stone; >$150) I need a pair... I was thinking of getting some coach flats, but I don't think those are very practical. < I wouldn't be paying for them, so it doesn't technically count as cheating, right?
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^Hey get out of here with that shopping talk.
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*Hangs head in shame* ...okay I'll leave you nice folk alone.
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If you really need them for your trip and the parentals are paying for it, I'd say go for it. But if you already have a pair that will work, skip! It's the same situation with my ailing laptop. I really do need it for class.

I'm really happy. My CC debt topped at around $7000 just two or three months ago. I totaled things up today, and my debt looks more manageable than I previously thought. I think it should be down to $2750 now.
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