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Originally Posted by callire View Post
The finger is not the issue, the pricetag is!
+1 I just wanted to give her MORE reasons not to buy the ring
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Listen, I have not bought anything. The fire under my ass is that I am 27 years old and I live at my mother's house and I have for the past 2 years. I'm tired of being hassled every time I sleep all day because I'm hung over, or get a package in the mail, or haven't picked up my room enough. Imagine trying to bring a boy over. Yeah, well, it doesn't happen. For the first year I was in school getting my masters degree, but since August I've been working (teaching). I don't make much money, but I definitely don't need to spend it on jeans when I already have a bazillion pairs.

Just think of what that money is going to buy you once you have it saved up! For me, I fantasize about walking around my apartment naked, smoking pot, being hung over for 2 days, and living in a den of my own filth and not having a soul say anything to me about it.
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haha ok guys I have a funny little shopping-ban story. for you:

So yesterday I tell my bf to pull the juice container out of the fridge (he made orange juice about 8 months ago and never touched it since, I'm allergic so I haven't touched it so there is no way I'm cleaning it).

Jokingly he says: "I'll give you $100 to drink it." we sat for about 5 mins debating about how much I had to drink and the deal breaker was that, he insisted, I had to look at it before.

Although we were just joking around the saddest thought went through my head: "OMG! I could buy those Gingers on HF!" haha isn't that terrible! Of course I wouldn't have done it though, I most likely would have died.

Oh and just so you know...the juice had been condensed from a 1/2 jug to 1 inch and had a perfect circle of mold on the top. The mold was so solid it wouldn't even go down the sink. hahaha ick.
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Omg! That's insane!

I need some help with my ipod search The options:

Overstock.com (supposedly HORRIBLE w/ electronics): Refurbished w/updates $345
Newegg: New w/o updates $385
Apple: New w/updates $400

I'm a bit nervous about using overstock... should I just suck it up and pay a little more to get it from apple? Only problem with that is that I cna't pay w/my paypal balance, so I'd have to use my CC and figure out how to transfer $400
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What about Amazon. Got my itouch and nano from them
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Dieselmomma - you have made me laugh - I needed cheering up - had a crap day. Did you buy the Gingers?
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^cheer up, you have jeans on the way!

yeah callire i agree, check amazon too. i bought a refurbished nav system about a year ago and havent had any problems with it......yet. lol

so glad we are talking about all this shopping in the 'shopping bad' thread! hahaha

dieselmomma....im just glad i wasnt eating when i read that post! lol
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NO! I didn't buy the gingers. No money = no jeans.

I've also decided that since I really don't need more jeans that when I get money I'm going to get laser hair removal...which my bf offerred to pay 1/2 of!


Oh. And I'm just glad the juice jug isn't in my fridge anymore!
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Hmm.... single life is pretty costly too...

Going out, partying, cabbing, taking the subway, buying drinks, buying food, and etc really adds up!

I really need to look at my books... Given all these anticipated expenses, shopping for clothes is pretty much on the backburner.
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OMG sooo many good jeans in my size..... must be strong!
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Okay, I'll spill.. I spent $40 on Friday... but it was all for gifts and half of it was already paid for through my gift certificate... and well, you can't exactly skip out on gift-giving.

- 3 HUGE candles (Felicia's upcoming birthday)
- 4 mirror glass candle coasters (Felicia's upcoming birthday)
- 1 velvet scrapbook (Zoe's upcoming birthday)
- Guide to Paris handbook (Amanda's belated gift)
- 1 set of gift bow and ribbon wrapping (for wrapping gifts)

I went to The World's Largest Bookstore and everything was on clearance from 50-75% off. So I got a good deal.. except on the Paris book that was regular price.
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Oh... Annie, I've been much, much worse that you this weekend!! :hides:
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callire!!! tisk.

So I found something I need to spend money on to curb my spending. I bought 2 photo albums, 6 cards, and 1 set of 3 photo frames (ok ok the frames are for me but they were $7 with the card purchases). All for mothers day/fathers day.

I'm now uploading around 200-230 photos to send to my mommy, mother in law, granny, and sister. I'll need to pick up a photo album for my sister too.

I love giving gifts I think gift wrapping should be an international sport.
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omg.. I know! Okay so:
1 iPod touch (I really really hope my echeck clears) = $349 shipped
1 Pair of Dakota Patch Sigs (love) = $40 shipped

and... I may have another pair for $40ish shipped if they accept the offer.
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Mmkay, can't decide:
(check edit history)
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I have not bought clothes in a week

I did splurge on an $11 pizza on thursday lol
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ack my boyfriend got a parking ticket while waiting for me b/c i was running late this morning $45, which isn't too bad... and it's not exactly an unnecessary expenditure
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Well I just listed a little under 1K on eBay.
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^ wow good job annie!

callire i LOOOOVE exploding dog!!! (my best friend and i use to be addicted to their website!!)
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The robot one?? Hehehehe... I just ordered it Plus a rubber case b/c I will probably drop it by accident.
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yeah the robot one... very cute!
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omg... checking in early.............. Weekend damage (pretty sure I failed my math test)
Dakota Patch Jeans $40
Foil A Pockets $57
iPod Touch $350
iPod case+skin $37

Purse $40
Jeans $50

yeahhhh... so. um.. I fail.

to be a tad bit more fair, the iPod stuff was necessary... and I only went $7 over in the unessary stuff!

I am no longer a ninja
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callire- where do you find such good deals on jeans all the time!!!!???
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Originally Posted by HOTasFCUK View Post
callire- where do you find such good deals on jeans all the time!!!!???
I was a ninja.
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May be this thread should be renamed "I'm not on a shopping ban"!!!
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