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Shopping ban, anyone care to join? (May shopping challenge... Are you game?)

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Okay, so this is kind of a random section to post this in, but I wanted to see if any R&R girls wanted to jump on board with my new shopping ban... yay..

For me, personally, I can't buy ANY clothes until one of the following happens:
1) Sell $350-$400 worth of stuff
2) Reach my savings goal for vaction (60~% done- would like to get to 85% by May)
3) Pass mechanics final (May 18th)

I MUST stop spending! I really have to save for my vacation, and I've got an important birthday coming up and I want to buy myself a nice gift.

So, anyone care to join? Pleeaase?
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after this fake i just got i'm all yours baby
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sorry callire i dont think i could ever go on a 'shopping' ban!!! lol i can ban certain things for a while....like jeans, or clothing, or house items......but i cant ever ban them all together!!! i think i would die!!! hahahaa seriously, i think i shop every single day of my life, and im miserable if i dont get to shop for at least 5 mins a day!! (thats prob a bad thing, huh??)
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Okay, correction: I will buy food/going out to eat. Everything else that's unnessary is off the table.
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Yeah I don't that'll work for me either. I think by banning myself, the urge to buy is even worse!
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I'm with ya... I'm going to write down a specific list soon. I've actually been meaning to do so anyway.
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I just can't do it - supposing those jeans I've wanted for ages suddenly appear on Ebay
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I am already starting to sell lol
I am on a ban and I need $$$$
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oh.. and I'll buy something if it's absolutely necessary for my trip. There's no point in passing on a great deal on a bag for Spain if I'm just going to have to shell out more $$ for it later.
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I will definitely join you! I just got my Johnny Super T's in the mail today and I swore to myself that once I received them, it would mark the beginning of my shopping ban.

Since you have great guidelines, I will follow suit I'm on a shopping ban until
1.) I'm finished with this semester (May 7)
2.) Sell $250-300 worth of junk (already planning to list my T&Co bean pendant that I never wear...)
3.) Pull a solid 'A' on my next two exams

I already promised my bf's sister that I'd go shopping with her in two weekends, but I was planning on withdrawing $100 and leaving my card at home.
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^ YAY! More people! It'll be so much easier.

Arg... I'm like 2 hours in and I want to buy something! This is hard! I really want to sell my stuff so I can start buying again... It's so tempted because I already added like $300 yesterday...
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I'll be joining as well. I was supposed to start my shopping ban on my birthday (in 8 days), but after taking a look at my bank book... I think I should be starting now. This is going to be so hard.

Here's my guideline:
No spending on unnecessary items (which practically means anything other than food) until July 2008.
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uh sorry can't help ya!
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I'm not a girl, but I can join on the jeans ban (actually been doing good since I haven't bought anything since my R&R Stoney in December).

As for a shopping ban, no way jose... never gonna happen.
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It doesn't count when I've had NYD on my wishlist for months now, does it?
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I really should join in the ban...but I don't think I could bring myself to do it.
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So here's my lil guideline...

I think we should check in every Monday to report how we're doing (borrowed from tPF Curbing Consumerism thread).

No shopping until I fulfill the following:
  • Sell $3000
  • Pay off all credit cards
  • No shopping until after May 31
  • List all jeans I don’t wear
  • List remaining Lululemon stock (NWT hoodies, NWT socks, eco-friendly tote bags, shorts, pants)
  • List all the clothes in the living room
  • Delete eBay watch list
  • Avoid AF/HF mall (except for the sections I mod)
  • Unsubscribe from retail and online store emails
  • Unsubscribe from sale alert emails
  • Do not go to Sales & Coupons section
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I need $9000 by December Please don't let me buy anything
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Anyone can join! Just write what you're confortable with banning/limiting. I'm on a "shopping" ban because I rarely buy jeans, so it'd make no sense to ban jeans for me! I think it's okay to break your ban if you come across something you really love. So, I wouldn't call it cheating for the NYD Annie, if you can afford it!

Okay... I just "broke" my ban. I bought a coach purse for $145 for my trip BUT-- I've been loking for a purse for the past two months, and I really do need it since my other purse is too small. This one is a shoulder bag, with a zip top closure, with enough room for magazines, water bottle, sunscreen, etc. It's cute, but understated. So, I went ahead and got it just so I won't have to worry about finding one. My Precious
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^ Minika gave me a good deal on NYD A-pocket custom crystallized jeans. It was simply too good of a deal to pass up on practically NWT jeans. I have also been lusting NYDs since about exactly a year ago. I just became a little more aggressive on my search in the last few days... and I guess it paid off. I can't wait until it arrives!

I'm not usually a Coach fan but I do like the purse you purchased. As you said, it's cute, but understated.

Is it bad I already compiled an Excel list of items I'd like to purchase after my ban?

- Chanel pearls (Yes, I think I might make the splurge!)
- Chanel Medium/Large Classic Flap or Chanel Grant Shopping Tote
- Hermes enamel bracelet
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I'd like to join the ban but I honestly wouldn't stick to it...
There are way too many things on my wishlist! And my Louis Vuitton collection won't keep growing if I go on a shopping ban LOL!
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I'm checking in So far so good. I did try to buy a pair of coach shades for $35, but they sold to someone else I'm still waiting for my bag/other items to come in the mail, so that should be a boost when they get here!
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I'm doing pretty well

- Haven't bought anything! I was really tempted to buy something in HM but I told myself I would close the window and if I was still lusting it in a week I could reconsider. Now that I've given myself some time to think about it, I really don't need another sweater jacket.
- Closed all my store/sale emails without glancing at them
- I purchased a crap load of stuff pre-ban and it's slowly trickling in through the mail. This should keep me happy for awhile.
- My laptop is giving me some trouble... I'm going to have a few people look at it to see what's wrong. I'm pretty sure it's hardware related so that might mean I'm screwed.. I might have to get a new laptop (but this is more of an expense that's absolutely necessary).

ETA: Crap! I haven't bought anything, but I haven't listed anything either. I will have to work on that.. I checked back on my rules and realized I had completely forgot about the other part of my commitment.
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I really need to join, but everytime I've tried to ban I buy more.

Annie and Callire, you girls can do it!! Be STRONG for all of us
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