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After seeing pics from the Flathead 3001 Tour, I'm very close to having these be my first pair of raws ever.

I was just wondering how they fit compared to the slimness of Diesels Zathan or X-Rotuck.

Selfedge.com lists them as being mid/low-rise and slim-fitting, but I have no idea what slim-fitting means compared to the cuts I listed above.

Also, since I wear a 28 in Diesel (preferable a 27), it seems as if this is what I'd wear in raws since most stores I've seen don't have sizes under 28.

This is Ordo's pair over at Sufu. You gotta' show these some love:

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you would need a 29 or 30 in these.
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Damn, seriously? Well, 27 is my ideal size, but since it's so rare to see 27x34 Diesels I wear a 28x34 with a tight belt.

I never though I'd hear you suggest sizing up but I'm assuming with raws it's a whole diff. story.
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throw diesel sizing out the window because it is completely whack. i wear a 27 in diesel but my waist is nowhere near 26". measure your jeans that fit you best and go by that and compare it to the measurements of the jeans you are looking at. most raws are more tts as compared to diesel's extreme vanity sizing and 3001's are known for running pretty snug. a pair of flatheads in 28 will measure exactly 14" across the waist laid flat and aligned after a soak, which is actually smaller than diesels in a size 26. if 27 is your ideal diesel size you will need at least a 29 in flathead 3001.
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Damn man, thanks a lot.

I would've assumed a 28 would stretch a little bit after wear ending up perfect but I guess Diesel sizing has fukd me over.
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Oh, and are these Thanaz tight or Zathan tight?
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i don't think they are thanaz tight in the thigh. i'd guess somewhere between safado and viker/zathan if sized properly.

ask avatar how he would say they compare since he wears these as well as a bunch of diesel cuts. i barely remember how anything besides thanaz fits anymore.
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Inseam: 35" (87.5cm) - 2"
Waist: 28.5" (71cm) - 1.5"
Hem: 7.3" (18cm) - 0.3"
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I always enjoy pics that guy posts and the whole tour thing. As far as sizing is concerned, I wear 28 or 29 in Diesel jeans, and I was told that I should get sz 31 if I want a tight fit.
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Just to let you know, the F310 is the exact same cut as the 3001, with poly stitching. The poly stitching is more durable and won't come apart as easily, so if you are considering 3001's you may as well go with the F310s.
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I'm thinking about getting the F310 as well. If i wear a 30W in Diesels is it recommended that i go with a 32W?
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I just sized up 1 from my diesel size. Post soak it will be a nice, snug fit.
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I'll probably go for a 29 then. It seems to be the most popular/sold out size on selfedge.com though.
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careful.. I wear a size 31 in diesel which measures out to a 34 waist. I highly suggest measuring your best fitting diesels and going with that size. Reason being Afro, you will lose an inch in the waist after the soak. If you can get them on at that point then they will stretch back out to the original size.
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jskidder did suggest sizing up two for these since Diesel sizing is so fked up though. Ah, I might just have to go to NYC and try them on. Which store has Flatheads? (I'm 25 minutes away from the city anyway).
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^ i was under the impression that selfedge (in SanFrancisco) was the only US stockist....

could be wrong though
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I also believe Selfedge is the only U.S store that has them right now. Unfortunately!
It would be great if they had another store in NY or somewhere on East Coast.
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just measure... its accurate. Not your waist, but your jeans!
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I do think that Self Edge is exclusive for Flat Heads, just like Blue in Green for PBJ(?) or something like that.
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^BiG is exclusive for samurai, not sure about pbj but i don't think so. and selfedge is definitely the only place to get flathead. seriously, just measure your jeans and go by that.
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When I ran a tape measure around my perfect fitting Shazors in the waist (without them on) it came out to be around 31". Is this how I can get a correct measurement? OR do I double the front waist measurement across?

Also, if I ever do buy these, is there some type of guide with pics on how to soak/care for raws? Thanks!
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^NO! that is completely wrong. the universal guide to measuring jeans is the BiG method, and to measure the waist you lay the jeans down flat with the front and back rises alighned and measure across the top:

Blue in Green . . . A men's lifestyle store

as for a guide, all you need to do is put them in a tub of extremely hot water for several hours, hang them to dry, and then wear the fuck out of them. it isn't rocket science.
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^ Alright. That's the site I usually use when selling jeans. No idea why I used the other method.

Straight across my perfect fitting Shazors measures 15" exactly. This means a size 29 in Flathead would equal the same fit before the shrink.
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sounds like a 30 might be the best size for you. you need to consider the post-soak measurement, not the pre-soak. just call up selfedge and they will assist you with any sizing questions you might have. they are VERY helpful and they really know their shit.
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Thanks James, you've been veeeeery helpful.
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