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Does anyone use the P90X system?

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I've been seeing the P90X commericals non stop and I would really like to try it but would like some input prior to dropping $140 or whatever on some DVDS...

What are your experiences?
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My sister has it and loves it. I've been dieing to borrow it but all of her friends want it and I'm waiting in line.

If your going to stick to it, get it. My sister lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle.
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What exactly are the exercises in the tape?
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I'm not exactly sure what the system is. I know that its basically a mixture of cardio/yoga/weight training that changes every 30 days for a series of 3 sessions (90 days in total).
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I just started it on Saturday and I love it. The whole system (i.e. books, dvds, etc...) is very high quality and I would highly recommend it. I am extremely sore today though. For the first 3 weeks, the weekly schedule is: Chest and Back & Abs, Plyometrics (basically a form of cardio or jump training), Shoulders and Arms & Abs, Yoga, Legs & Back & Abs, Kenpo (sort of like kickboxing), Rest or Stretch. I have no doubt that I am going to be in much better shape when I get done with this.

For the past 5 years, I have exercised about 4 days per week (usually running, biking, kickboxing, yoga, and some weights). But I have never really followed through with weight training long enough to see results. I even bought a bowflex and used it at first but then stopped. I really like this program because it is really easy to follow. I was a little nervous that it might be too hard for me since I haven't really lifted weights in a while. But it really isn't difficult because you choose your weights and your reps (and you have plenty of time to do them without getting behind).
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^If you have a Bowflex, I recommend you either use it for one month prior to your first P90X session OR after the 90 day P90X session. I would probably use the Bowflex to get a baseline strength test. Ninety days later, do a post Bowflex strength test.

P90X Photo Gallery - Forum Powered by eve community
P90X - Forum Powered by eve community
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. (run a youtube search for "P90X" P90X and you'll see some of the exercises available on the DVD discs)

Equipment Needed:
-Pull Up Bar (this is one crucial piece of equipment unfortunately never mentioned on the infomercial; you may modify it simply using resistance bands attached to a high point)
-Dumbbell (or Exercise Resistance Bands)
-Stool or Chair
-Push Up Bar (or use some books)

I would say it's effective if you're looking to slim, trim, tone up and unveil muscles. This is not a program used to “beef or bulk up.” It's actually quite demanding, high tempo, a relatively good cardiovascular workout, you will sweat. You need to be at least average to fairly fit (not obese) and active prior to P90X as it’s fairly challenging in the beginning.

Most exercises are pretty basic movements easily done in a gym. If anything, I would recommend this over other infomercial programs. Nutrition will be important for success. Don't recall whether it's stressed in the videos, but whenever you contract your muscles, focus on actually contracting that particular muscle (e.g. chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, legs, abdominals etc)

Most of the workout sessions are 60 minutes (Yoga 1 hour and 30 minutes). Warm-up/Stretch is 10-15 minutes. Actual workout is roughly 45 minutes with a little less than 3 to 5 minute cool down after. One key to program success is minimizing the rest time after each working set. If you can keep up with the video instructor, you’re doing great. Don't forget to breathe and hydrate with water.

You MUST understand that workout variation (or never getting tired of your workout) means you’re simply rotating DVD discs. while watching the same disc can be monotonous. You have 13 discs total. I don’t like doing Yoga, so every time the Yoga disc was up at bat, I simply wasn’t motivated. Boredom can quickly set in simply watching the same disc (i.e. Yoga) even if it was spaced one week apart.

I am not doing this currently, seeing as how I'm bulking up. Looking to move up to above 210lbs myself; moved up to 190lb from 165 to 170lb in a few short months. I'm strength training with gym weights.

Ab-ripper X
Total time: 15:00 minutes

Cardio X
Total time: 45:00 minutes
15:00 minute of yoga to start
then jumps into cardio workout

Core Synergistics

Total time: 60:00 Minute

Kempo X
Total time: 60:00 minutes
15:00 Minute of stretches to start
Workout incorporates punches, kicks, and mimics fighting (defense, attack mode).
these are general example exercises


Total time: 60:00 minutes
5:00 minute warmup to start
“You can run faster and jump higher” (Good heart and lung workout). Muscle group used predominantly: legs.

Shoulders and Arms
Total time: 60:00 minutes
Equipment needed: Dumbbells or bands
10 minute warmup (predominantly upper body, neck, arms, chest)
Bicep curls, Tricep Kickbacks/Dips, Lateral/Front Raises, Shoulder presses, etc, etc, etc.
these are general example exercises

Back and Bicep:
50 minutes
8 minute warmup (upper body)
One arm dumbbell rows, pull-ups, bent over rows, curls, concentration curls, etc, etc.
these are general example exercises

Chest and Back
53:00 Minute
10:00 Minute warmup
Equipment needed: pullup bar (preferred) and stool for assistance (if needed), or resistance bands.
Push up – alternating hand positions
Pull up – alternating width position
Dive Bomber Push-Ups, etc. etc. etc.
these are general example exercises

Legs and Back
60:00 Minute
10:00 Minute warmup
Your legs will burn
Lunges, Squats, Calves, Pull ups, etc. etc. etc.
these are general example exercises

X Stretch;
60:00 Minute (I think)

1:30:00 Minute
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Thanks for the input StrawberryShortcake
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i just bought this on ebay today and am SO excited to try it out
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I have been wondering about P90X too! im way too skinny lol.
how much will it set me back?
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Originally Posted by kylefox101 View Post
I have been wondering about P90X too! im way too skinny lol.
how much will it set me back?
Approximately $140.00 shipped.
P90X Home Workouts - Get Ripped With P90X

If you're seriously too skinny and contemplating on getting bigger, I actually don't recommend this system. I would actually suggest, whether you're a guy or gal, either:

(1) join a gym OR get a barbell bell with variable plates/weights.
(2) do compound exercises in no specific order: (A) Squats (B) Deadlifts (C) Bench (D) Military Press (E) Pull Ups
(3) once you have gotten bigger, then you can consider p90x.
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ok thanks! i will take your advice then much appreciated
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is anyone currently on this? i'm thinking about ordering it.
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i have it and will start soon with my bf. hopefully it will work for us. we are planning to do this in addition to going to the gym. my goal is to tone up, hes looking to build muscle but not look beefy. hehe.
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clark(clarkkent) and I are doing it.. we are motivating each other online.. LOL..we just started week 4 and i like it alot.. you def need to get a pull up bar the bands just arent enough.. I just ordered a power station on line so I could have a free standing pull up bar in the garage.. for background, I teach aerobics and was already in decent shape but I have enjoyed this workout a ton..

the first day was chest and back and I wanted to cry there were sooo many pushups in there.. I was so sore the next day but in a great great way

for me the kempo isnt very hard.. I teach kickboxing so I add things to make this workout better, more challenging for me.. I dont stop one time , keep my leg up, add in boxer shuffle for the cardio and add knee lifts in to keep the heart rate up

I hate the yoga.. I am not flexible in my hamstrings from all the running I do and this is by far my weakest link and its hard as hell to me. I struggle through it and feel better afterwards but I am the type of person that hates not being good at something LOL so I always find myself putting it off

the plyo- I now I absolutely love.. its a killer cardio workout

the ab ripper- I can now do all the advanced moves all the way through including the bonus round.. I teach an abs class twice a week and thought i would ace this dvd but when I first put it in it killed me.. but I had to do it three times a week for the first three weeks and now its much easier for me but still a killer workout

I also really like the shoulder dvd and the legs dvd..

I took before pics and so far I cant tell anything but maybe see even more definition in my abs and of course my arms and back

I do think he concentrates on these "glory " muscles as he calls them.. I wish there was a little more leg and butt.. hopefully later dvds will bring more of a challenge for me there.. if not I will add a weight day back in for just legs..
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After our recovery week this week we start a bunch of new workouts, so we'll see how they go.

I'm kind of looking forward to Core Synergistics, I'm very curious to see how it is.
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i'm starting p90x tomorrow!!!
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Good luck!
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If anyone else wants to do this and you need a coach, that's what I do! There are other programs too designed for different fitness levels/goals. Team Beachbody Coach
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i haven't heard abt this thing before??? what exactly does it do????
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never used it before.. does it really works?????
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