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What should I wear to traffic court?

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I got a ticket a few months ago, and I have my court date tomorrow. If I lose I'm going to have to pay $100! Crap. Anyway - what would you guys suggest as appropriate attire to wear to such an engagement?

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A simple suit and tie. Nothing flashy. Plain suit, plain white or blue shirt, basic red tie.

If you don't have that, a blue blazer and khakis/chinos will do the job.
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It doesnt really matter, it is not actually court, it is more like a desk you sit at with a moderator and you tell them your side then they usually say your shit out of luck and pay up, unless of course you are a girl then wear something kinda slutty
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yeah just like ross said, suit and tie is fine
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please post some pictures of you in your most ridiculous outfits. if i see one that i deem to be ridiculous enough for my taste and you agree to wear it to court i will paypal you the $100 for the ticket.
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Haha, I was just there this morning! I was going to work after so I just wore business casual clothes (more on the conservative side though)... dress pants, button down, sweater, long coat. Anyways, most people there were either dressed down (i.e. - jeans) or in business cas. I only saw one person in a suit and that was someone's lawyer. I got off relatively easy... my fine was lowered (it was originally 170), the citation was reduced to 6 over, and I got half as many points as I was originally cited. I didn't have to say a word other than agreeing to a lesser offense after the cop offered it.

I would think that business casual would be fine - almost anything but jeans, sweats, shorts, etc. would work.
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Suit and tie is good

Good luck in court
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track pants and a diesel tee, with a tie of course... you dont wanna look too casual
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I think a suit is a little overkill for traffic court, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt.
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Don't "over-dress" because I think it's silly when people do that. I mean you can tell they are trying to be suck ups. I say just some nice jeans, by nice I mean hardly any distressing at all, and a button up collared white shirt...mmmm sounds sexy! Yes that is just my opinion though. When I had court I just wore some black cords and a cardigan. My charges got dropped down to "disturbing the peace".

Good luck in court!
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do not wear a suit to traffic court in chicago. i have been there and it is VERY casual. in fact, i was told by several people before i went that the better you dress the more likely you are to lose your hearing. they tend to get a lot of blue-collar types in there and chicago gov't is still fairly backwards, so dressing up is looked at as trying to 'show up' the judge and city officials there. i wouldn't go any dressier than khakis and a button up. and as mentioned before, you sit in a room full of others appealing tickets until your name is called and you go up to the front and state your case. it literally takes less than 5 minutes/person but you will likely have to be there for a bit because they are never on schedule and you will end up sitting through a bunch of other people's bullshit hearings.
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jskidder just wrote everything I was about to say. If the cop doesn't show up, then you automatically win. If he does show up, you pretty much automatically lose. Hoo Ray Chicago Justice!
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i'll agree with the khakis and dress shirt or even a polo.

im on a first name basis with the judge now for damn traffic violations
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some clean jeans and a nice tshirt should work in most cases as they did for me. i even wore flip flops and got no troulbe or complaints with them. make sure you don't wear a hat cuz in court your hand should be the one it should stay on
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There's going to be a sign on the court door listing what you CAN'T wear,everything else is fine.
It's not like you are divorcing Paul McCartney.
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