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Originally Posted by Tsukasa View Post
My point was, and why I bolded the word "fuck" was because you were complaining about me using the word and being crass or whatever, then someone else uses it, which happens to coincide with your own opinion and you +1 it.

All that aside, who other than jskidder and possibly DieselEmployee are going around bad mouthing Nudies? Are you referring to people on SuFu? Maybe some people are following the bandwagon, but others most likely stopped purchasing Nudies for all the reasons koala has listed. And the people on the bandwagons, well who cares what they say. Everyone gets hyped up or down by someone for something. Not everyone is a leader in everything.

Personally I know myself 2 years ago to now has changed a lot in my product knowledge and preferences. There is nothing wrong with this.
Totally right, the more educated one gets on perticular brands, the more our opinion of whats good and whats not will change

I never make my selection on buying or not buying as particular brand because thats whats in or cool. I do however, want people to educate me when I know nothing about a particular product, especially one that gets trashed so much.

And yeah, most of the bashing was on SuFu and other sites I visited. I was curious as to why, as lots of the statments being said where just flat out making fun off people who wear nudies ( calling them F$#KING idiots ect), with no backstory to their taunts

Koala had some very good points, and that is what I was looking for. Someone to put it in a well worded and straight forward way, instead of just bashing people who wear Nudie

What he said made complete and total sense to me
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Originally Posted by DieselEmployee View Post
I was a nudie fanboy like many of you but that was before I found dry denim forums which opened my eyes to much higher quality brands in the same price range. One guy just posted his clotch on the verge of blowing out after only 45 wears in the progress thread. The only people defending nudies quality are the ones who wear them on an action packed day to the office. My RRDS needed repair within 3 months of minimal wear and mine are by no means sized down. Most nudie fanatics are just afraid of venturing out other trying other, higher quality brands. Also, browsing the sufu forum, I haven't seen any amazing fades on most nudies.

hibiscu, great advice, I will stop feeding the trolls because I actually want these threads to go somewhere productive.
Enlighten me on the higher quality brands in the same price range.
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Originally Posted by wsue24 View Post
Enlighten me on the higher quality brands in the same price range.
Originally Posted by spastic_koala View Post
I chose the $200 based on what I'm seeing on sites like revolve (Nudie Jeans Jeans - Spring 2008 Collection - Free Shipping!)

I understand the concept of wanting to not drop huge amounts of money on your first pair. But even so, there are still better options at lower prices. Some examples worth considering:
1. APC (although everyone and their Mom starts with these - but partially for good reason)
2. Academi Jeans - Great stuff (Academi Jeans - CONTEXT CLOTHING - Free Shipping!)
3. Naked and Famous - A very new brand, so not much info is out there on them. I can't comment too much on the quality, but they're still a viable option. (http://blueingreensoho.com/site/inde...mart&Itemid=28)
4. Good Society - You can find some selvedge pairs, but not always. (Good Society - Spring 2008 Collection - Free Shipping!)

That's all I can think of right now. But as you can see, there are definitely better options at significantly lower prices than Nudies (even if you get your Nudies on sale).
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Id recommend N&F, ive seen them at a store near by, 105 cnd, great quality, no idea how they fit though
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Nudies fade quicker and better
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Holy shit are you fucking kidding me ----> NUDIE JEANS High Kai in Super Snow at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

$600+!!!!! I pray to god nobody throws that much money away for those, it has to be some sort of sick joke or a typo at revolve.
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Wow. After reading all the previous replies, I REALLY WANT a Nudie to be my first pair of Raw Denim ever!
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Oh good, I was really confused I was seriously trying to imagine what about the jean could justify that price.
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One thing I will say about the Nudies is that whether you like them or not... the people that do or are looking for more information are not going to be helped out by the 'haters' and will miss out of whatever information they're looking for. Regardless of what our members think about the brand. If they happen to love the look and want a pair and noone does anything but 'hate' on the jeans then they're being deprived of information.
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From my own personal experience, they are cheap for what you're getting, certainly a good first raw denim purchase if you're just testing the waters. The quality is a bit spotty on them however, but you're really paying for the cut more than anything. Their cuts are really where they shine. Previously, skinny beanpoles like myself had no option to get skinny jeans without resorting to by women's jeans (which I never did lol). So we were stuck with bootcut and whatever interpretations of straight-leg a denim manufacturer put out. When Nudie came on the scene with raw denim that could be had for around 100 bucks (cultizm anyone?) a lot of us leapt at the opportunity.

It's a gateway drug more than anything.

BTW I really really love my black coated thin finns though. I just popped off the patch in the back and was good to go.
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im not gonna wade through all the posts, but i think yardsale got it on the money:

most people who know dry denim generally are more enthusiastic about their denim. That being said, there are alot of options now for people who want a great fit as well as great denim in one total package. There really isnt anything wrong with Nudie per se, its just that that for their price (pr a little bit more. depending on which cut/deniom used) a denim snob is more inclined to purchase a pair of PBJ's or even apcs. From my experience, APC's are pretty slick given their price point.

Also, you should consider your sources. Alot of people in the dry section on HF are also sufu members. Sufu members tend to gravitate towards the japanese mentality of fine crafts and attention to detail. Nudie denim doesnt normally pass the denim snob inspection due to Nudies gravitation towards fashion based cuts instead of honoring the Japanese dry denim culture.

Dry denim is kind of like the denim nerds secret. Nudie is bringing dry denim to the masses, but not in true raw denim fashion. Nudie brags that their jeans fade faster than most other raw brands, its almiost their marketing scheme. Making a pair of Japanese raw denim is a very time consuming process, as well as the breaking in process for raw denim. Its a labor of time and love and it follows the saying that man wears clothes, not clothes wear the man.

in summation, dry denim is a wy of life, not just another pair of jeans. Nudies are just another pair of jeans.
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I went through two pair of Nudies before I found out that there's much better stuff out there for the price but their cuts are really good from most people changing over from normal designer denim. I know I went from diesels sfam r&r tr ect to Nudie regular ralph and now all slim straight jean (imperial dukes, flathead f310 and esef sky).

Although I'm glad I found nudies I'm pretty dissapointed in the 8-9 month I wore my rrds and radg. I paid something like 200 and 150 for them and just recently purchased my f310's for only 160 after they had been soaked and no longer fit the original owner and they blow nudies out of the water. I even paid 280 (full price) for my dukes and am much happier with them than I would ever be with any two nudies, they are just in a whole different class.

Overall, if you are uncomfortable spending 220-280 for an pair of dry jeans, sure get a pair of nudies or apc or n&f, but instead try reading around a little and see if you can't find a great deal on a much better pair of jeans. Most people that try nudies will eventually read up a little more, get tired of the nudies and try a better pair down the line... Might as well dedicate the time to a pair of jeans you will be much happier with in the long run
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