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Hi guys I'm looking for a DH black pair (preferably coated or waxed). For raw, looking at size 33, coated or waxed looking at size 32. Lemme know if anyone is selling! Thanks

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Hello, does anyone know how to reduce a dior homme jake jeans one size? I bought them on size 30 but I need 29. I don´t want to sell them because it is very difficult to buy another on sz 29 so I was thinking about reduce one size.


Do you think that a tailor could do that job? or maybe I should sell them?


Thank you for your answer

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It'd be difficult, because the thighs are probably too baggy, the rise might be a .5 inch too high, the waist, too loose.  The hem is probably the easiest thing to fix and taper but wouldn't be worth it because the top block wouldn't be right.  I'd hold out for the right size and sell yours, tbh.


Shrinking through washing in hot water, etc. will probably affect the wash too much.

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^^ sell them and buy the right size. Shrinking in hot water is only temporary. Alterations on the jeans is wrong way IMO, jeans will loose the "price" and you will never know, how tailor will do it. Especially such a big alterations - waist, back, legs..., cut could be totally different in the result.

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Thank you so much for your answer!!!!!


These was one of the first pair of dior jeans I bought so I tended to buy them a bit bigger than dior should be (I am 1,82 cm and I weigh 73 kg so I should buy them on sz 29, but I bought sz 30).


I don´t like how people tend to wear jake jeans (especially asian people tend to wear them as if they are leggings) but I would like to size one down.


The problem is that I know that I would lost money (I am ready to sell them for 280 euros) but I don´t know how to find them on size 29 (I don´t like the new version of jake from this season).


So maybe I will keep them and wear them bigger than I would like.


Thank you so much for your answer!!!

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i would say anything fits as long as u're comfortable, dont fit yourself into the jeans, buy a jeans that fits u. my jakes sz27 too came in too big for me that i sent it back LVR. and u'll see people with ridiculous stacks cos hemming/alteration will somehow deppreciate the value.

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I'm not speaking about hemming, question was alteration "whole" jeans. And to your point about hemming, you should be sure, you will keep the jeans, the size is ok after all "stretching" and you can hem them, if you are not tall and stacks are too much. I don't have any problem with the stacking because I'm 185cm ;-)

Also hemmed pairs could be sold for nice money, but depend how much the pair was hemmed...

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Thinking about purchasing my first pair of Dior, since you guys know a lot better than myself, any authenticity issues here?



Also, which fit in diesel would these most resemble? as I normally wear diesel so I could get a relative comparison.


Thanks in advance for your help guys, sorry if i posted in the wrong place, just seems to be the thread where I found the most post and knowledge on this subject.

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They look good to me, although they seem somewhat more worn than the seller states.  The leather Dior tag looks shrunken and the crotch seems about to blow out, although that could be the wash.  I've never seen Dior jeans so cheap, which raises a flag but I guess since they're worn and 33 is not a popular size so it could happen.


There are two things I find sketchy, a) the weirdly faded pictures, and b) multiple typos in the description.  That said, it seems like this guy's ratings are very favorable so not a big deal.

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Thanks for the authenticity advice, anyone know which Diesel fit they would be closest to?

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wtf is wrong with DH jeans????????? first it was LVR suddenly stop getting new washes then farfetch stopped selling them later. i went to the official dior boutique and none of the new washes have been selling. or there's no new washes after all?

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Dior homme denim division is dead unless kris van assche will be laid off.


Kris van assche don´t like jeans; kva don´t like rock youth image; he likes minimal looks.


So unless dh changes the designer I think jeans will gradually disappear.


Maybe we will be buying YSL (now SLP) in the next future, I don´t know, but the current DH jeans models are very boring (always the same, nothing new, always reissued models).

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The only thing that interested me this season was the 17.5cm raw reissues, however, I saw some olive green cords (really dark luxe) that look amazing.  I'll try to post pics if I pick up a pair.


KVA is definitely not a jeans dude, per se, more of cool, crisp trousers, elegant lines, etc.  He's been rocking it with the dress shirts if you're into that.

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I like subtle style. KVA has his own brand to deal with, But KVA can't just screw the jeans line up. At least hire an assistant to hold on this line. 3 new good washes are enough for a season. Now, ZERO. If there's no new washes in the upcoming season. This forum is officially dead...
Or at least, make some chinos... Young fellows don't have so many chances to wear dress pants.
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can i put a pair up for sale on this thread? i'm not sure as new on here..

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No you have to use the marketplace. Selling is not allowed on the forum.
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Hey guys

Was hoping to find a Dior Homme jake 19 cm cut on luisaviaroma, but it doesnt seem like they sell it at the moment?

Anyone can help me on this?

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anyone here selling a pair of dust wash from 2006? either a 21 cm or 19cm in sizes 31-33 will do! please let me know!  send me an email at bigballs94@Hotmail.com for faster responds!

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Can somebody tell me which dior jeas jude law is wearing on this pic



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Dust wash.

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all the dior thread is quiet like death........

thought this thread could use some pics


just got my hand on a pair of 06AW blue clawmark

though they are size 28

how's the fit to you?

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They look great Marcus!  I really like the fit and the stacking looks awesome. 


Which photos are the truer color, the first two (lighter) or the last one?  They're both neat but in different ways: if it's the lighter color it's the perfect warm-weather jeans, if it's darker, more classic Dior wash.

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Hey sirgrotius!! Long time no chat! The color IRL is more like the last pic. The first 2 pics were taken under nice and warm sunlight so they look warm =)
Clawmarks from 06AW look pretty different from now. They have really white contrast on the legs part. I love them so freakin' much and I'm wearing them everyday!! I have to take good care of them as well, after all they are 6 years old...
My buddies told me I'm growing to look better in Dior jeans recently. The stacks are not as massively huge as they were before (I still wear them with full length as before, I barely tailor my jeans). Or they are just being sweet..
What's your thought about that?

Oh, and I saw a Brioni suit in 100% grey virgin wool last week in my neighborhood. Damn that was hot!! But the price was explosively high as usual. You have any idea which brand make nice wool suits?? I know Harris Tweed (absolutely too big for me though), Sisley got one with 80% wool and look great, Jil Sander, Versace for H&M got a real nice one. That's prolly all I know. Tell me if you have anything:) or we can talk about suits in PM!
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Hello!!! I have DH jakes a/w 11 on size 30. They fit me ok, but I would like to size 1 down to get a more skinny fit. Do you think it worth to get jake a/w12 on size 29? I think they are different from a/w11 about the colour and maybe I could have to jeans with similar cut but different size (and different fit) and different colour. The problem, as usual, is that they cost a lot so it is importat to think if this purchase woth it. Anyone who has the both model could help me? Thank you so much in advance
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experts, i just spotted a pair of "oily" blue clawmark on the street. first i thought they were just too worn out. but then i did some research and found there is a wash in 03 "Follow Me" series called "oiled blue claw mark". they are just too nice... darn!! anyone has any idea what they are? and anyone happened to own them??

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