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no need measurements, cos i do not steal your pair....





any thx ...


so today, `06 hedi's MIJ raw will come to home.

i'll post pics in a few days ....



plz wait.


and now i lock on 07SS's UMC on auction not ebay.

 now 60bucks.. after 18hours later closed that auction.

 i have to get that!!



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Selling Dior Homme Day Off Jeans, Size 30. Condition is like new: Worn 2-3 times, never washed. Tag attached.


dayoff1jua6.jpg dayoff2968q.jpg dayoff315vs.jpg dayoff4iuu7.jpg


The measurements are:


Waist aligned: ~42cm

Outside length: ~117cm

Hem: ~18cm

Knee: ~20cm

Thigh at crotch: ~25cm


The Business:


Retail Price was 410€. Asking is 350€ + shipping from Germany. Payment via paypal.

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already u posted mall.



plz edit to dell comment posting selling info on this thread now.


>/edit only

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post in the mall, not in here

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Hello Guys


I'm posting on behalf of my friend. He just won these UMC for a pretty good price. He just wanted to be sure if these UMC's fit tighter than usual size 31's for Dior.


The help will be appreciated.



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lol they're a stupid ugly fake so god knows how these shitters fit.

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Yup, the jeans are 100% fake, tell ur friend to get a refund cuz those arent even worth 10$

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Thanks for the heads up hopefully he didnt pay yet lol

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nice support alisz3!!


and thx for your comment to DIESEL forum...


so, i decided not posting Dior issue. but i'll post here about Dior too.

cos u and C_Troy,zdenal,ryan posting here..



see u. now still on vacation.

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Does Crash run big ? Or do I go with my usual size? (I wear a 30 in both blue/black regular washed 19cms. )

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No it runs slim everywhere compared to other 19cm washes. The thick denim makes it feel even slimmer. Oh but I'm wearing them the same size as all my other pairs, down or upsizing is for weird people.


Also, you mean Blue Crash right? Yeah.

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Hey guys ~

is this jeans looking real ?   he has negative feedback . 


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so rare model. Hedi's 07 UMC. but price is so high on this condition, IMO.

but seller lie "new w/o tag" , but not new one. lol



in japan, 33,000yen, in us $350 max on this condition,IMO.


how about other members feel this price?

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^^ it's Justmike's UMC, he is member here. So jeans are authentic.

Edited by zdenal_cz - 8/22/10 at 11:02pm
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Wow, Justmike's one.. lol


but price is.....






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condition looks good too. I think he can ask 600. Why go for less.

Edited by C_Troy242 - 8/22/10 at 3:24pm
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x2, if you don't want spend 600, don't buy it. Simple...

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but can use best offer.




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Hmm...allow me to doubt about it...justmike sent me pics of is UMC pair and it doesn't look like the one on ebay...

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can you send me the pics you recieved ?

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Wait...I mixed up with rageatm007 that is selling his pair in the mall xDD

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can anyone tell me how the measurements are on a 17,5cm raw denim pair in size 27? will they fade good? they are MIJ, purchased at Dior directly. they are from the S/S 10 collection I guess. ref code:



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17,5cm MIJ raws? There are doubts raws are/were available in 17,5cm.


MIJ raws fade very slow, of course it depends on how much you wear, wash them, what activity you do etc. You can search for detailed info.

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There is a 17.5cm stretch raw jean, in dark indigo and dark grey $510.
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