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no selling in this thread- mall only^


Shame those both are miscut too;   Hate it when the manufacturer fucks up a great pair of jeans with a fly that doesn't fall right when you wear em, especially on beautiful washes like those.

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hes item??

 if so, he should go the mall !!



item is so nice....

 Dust is great @880SGD = 600USD...


 nice but little for me.

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So i want to buy my first pair of Diors but Im really unsure about how do they fit.


Like what cut is similar to thanaz? 19cm? also how do they run? or is it best to see measurements?

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^none of diors fit is really similar to thanaz fit , I'd really advice to try a pair on if you can

proly 17.5cm would be the closest,  with a tighter waist and ass, but take this comparison just as a reference (and 17.5cm is harder than 19cm to find)


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Ok thanks, might be able to try some next week in LA.


Btw any of you guys have a suggestion of what stores to visit while in LA? Thanks

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Originally Posted by Evil Sushi View Post

as reference, my W30 MIJ 19cm raw waist aligned measurement is 43.5 cm

and MIJ raws are less constricting than MII in hips and upper thigs

so i try to size down my MIJ raw from W32.

W32(brand new is just fit for me, no stress around the waist and all)




 your MIJ raw stretch out from 39.5~40cm(W30) to 43.5cm only while 3 month?


 so, my best size of safado(wash) 44cm,


  then should i select W30 for MIJ raw?? 


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google "dior homme aw07 wax ebay"


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yeah saw those^ too bad they're a 27..

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u can find W30 not Hedi's.

 sorry i can checked only google's $ cos i'm in the office.

 i can't access ebay directly , cos not biz issue. lol


 what is your best size for MII raw ? or other cuts?

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Fit pics. First set are MIJ raw sz30 Hedi era. Second set are MIJ raw sz30 KVA era. Tell me if you think I should size down.


hedi.JPGhedi2.JPGhedi3.JPGHEDI ERA





kva.JPGkva2.JPGkva3.JPG   KVA ERA

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Fit pics. MIJ raws sz30 Hedi era VS KVA era. Should I size down?







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Hedi's one


 MIJ blue indigo?

 Hedi's pre-own denim is so nice fit on u , IMO.

 already stretched out. no need care for that.



KVR's one


 MII black? or MIJ black?


for brad new Dior.raw,

 we should take care for stretching out.


 i'm not sure about how stretch out ,

 but, basically u should select one u can't pick up 1st fuck for brand new one.


 Kiva's one , u can size down one, IMO.



plz let me know how differ btw Hedi and Kiva on Raw ?


 if u can plz post pics lay on the floor we can find out how differ cut.


 now i'm trying to go to Hedi's raw.










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Sand_dolphin2 I'll try to take some pictures to compare the difference between the two.


Both are MIJ raw sz30 blue denim.


The Hedi raws definitely fits better than the KVA imo. They hug at the legs. One major difference is the butt area. I borrowed a picture from Dr. Evil on sufu to point out the difference. The red arrows show how long that area is compared to the Hedi one. It makes the butt look like it sags too much.




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Hedi's red arrows is shorter than Kiva's?


i'll wait for your pics... to find out cut...


those are great info...

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Pics of Dust wash.



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Sand_Dolphin2 here are the pics. The darker pair are the KVA and the lighter are the Hedis. As you can see the Hedi's are smaller in most of the pictures.







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sorry, correct me again

 from your pics, Hedi's red arrows length is shorter than KVR's ?






i can find out clearly Hedi's hip is shorter than KVR's one. thx


cos i wana rise up my hip on MIJ raw on KVR's W32(i know i should size down)

 if Hedi's red arrow is shorter than KVR's, that is so good for me.



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Originally Posted by diorboy View Post


I agreen that. It's necessary for us. I really wanna to know that why Dior does not mark the ref number on tag.

But as you say we can't ask Dior . haha. 

i fond how 2 find ID w/o gray card..

here, coin pocket tab..

 i have some pairs has this tab.



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lol Sand. You knew it already, if you read posts in this thread. :)


Btw. I don't have this tag (inner under coin pocket one) on my Dust.

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naha, your fining ebay Dior items pic



regarding coin pocket's tag:


 DK let me know this tag only on after `09 models.

 yours are before '09 ? 8E,8H or 7x





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Sand here are a couple more shots. Almost everything on the top block is shorter. The red arrow I drew out is shorter along with the measurements down to the crotch area.





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does anyone have the sharp notation indigo in size 29 or 30 they would like to get rid of? 

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waist is stretch out on Hedi's



plz let me know waist size on hedi/kvr's side by side on across flat.

example)42cm on Hedi, 44cm on KVR



if u can...

 this is the final question.




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^ Waist on Hedi is stretched out. KVA has only been worn about 5 times. I will provide measurements if you still want them.

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no need measurements, cos i do not steal your pair....





any thx ...


so today, `06 hedi's MIJ raw will come to home.

i'll post pics in a few days ....



plz wait.


and now i lock on 07SS's UMC on auction not ebay.

 now 60bucks.. after 18hours later closed that auction.

 i have to get that!!



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