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i like both cuts, btu they also both have their negatives. the thing that drives me nuts about thanaz is how loose the waist is, diors are so much more comfortable there because i don't feel like they are always fallng down and i don't have to keep tugging at them to keep them up. but i find the thanaz cut to be better fitting in the knees, particularly in the stretch washes. when i wear my diors to work and sit in them for a full day the knee gets stretched out easier than it does on thanaz.
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i love the loose waist on thanaz because it allows be to size down for the thighs. it's better for me cause i can size down whereas you can't go down to 25 in some washes to get the waist the appropriate amount of tightness.

diors don't work well on me because the thighs aren't cut slim enough and the hips aren't roomy enough. the waist is hella tight while the thighs are loose
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i wouldn'y be able to size down on thanaz even if they made a 25 because the thighs are plenty tight on the 26's though.
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
^i never said that. i'm tempted by the 8LP, but not sure if i need them considering that i have 86c, 8aa, 19cm mij, and both pairs of sheers.
8LP looks nothing like all those in person.
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It's just only one thing that he wants to get them or not?If i were him,i'd not buy thanaz 8LP either.But i just have 8DK,black & indigo raw mij19cm.and i also don't have the sheers.That's why i ordered 8LP.
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Originally Posted by mannequin View Post
8LP looks nothing like all those in person.
i know they are much different from 8aa, raw denim, and the grey sheers. but have you seen the blue marine sheers in person? i think they are almost identical from what i have been told.

i also heard they were pretty similar to 86c as well.
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i guess i just have way smaller thighs than you so the waist-thigh ratio on thanaz is perfect for my body. and i actually have a 35.5-36" chest contrary to what i told you before lol. it's also cause i gained some weight back.
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^yes, 86C and blue sheers, i understand where all the comparison is coming from. but i think 8LP has it's own, unique color tone to them which is hard to describe or reflect with the pictures. it's almost like a blend of grey sheers (hence the silver'ish glow) and 86C. but again, better just see them once.
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i would love to see them myself, so i hope diesel chicago opens back up soon...
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I have a dilemma. I found a pair of pretty sick looking black used/clawmark for cheap. However, they are not one size up from my Raws or MII, they are the same size. Do you think its worth giving a shot or are they not going to fit?
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are they definitely mij? some seasons of the used/clawmark are mij, others are mii...

get a waist measurement. if you can get into the waist i think you'll be ok. dior is like diesel, you always need to get measurements because shit varies a lot.
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Yeah, they are definitely MIJ.They are S/S '08. Blacks. I can get them for 300 so it might be worth a shot
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hmm. because i was almost certain that the ss08 clawmarks were mii. i am certain that the indigo ones are at least...
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ss08 black clawmarks are mii. maybe they are not from ss08?

DIOR HOMME - 2008 Spring Summer Excoriation Slim Straight Jeans (Noir) - diabro.net
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Ok, so where can I find a pair of Dior Homme MIJ or any Dior for that matter? What are the best places to search for these besides EBAY?
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- call a dior homme boutique (there are 3 in the usa)
- barneys or saks in a major city (ny, la, sf, chi)
- eluxury
- luisaviaroma.com ::: home page :::
- Dior Homme
- supermarket - superfuture :: supertalk
- FS: Dior Homme Jeans (All Styles) and other Dior Proxy Services - superfuture :: supertalk
- :: Index

that's pretty much it. and you should be ashamed of yourself for not being able to find this out on your own.
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Add that to the first post ? ^
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That picture makes the Black Used/Clawmarks look cheap. I may get the blues through grapist instead. Does anyone know if the current Blue used/clawmarks look like the old ones. i really like the pair shown here.

Google Image Result for http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/803/diorsjuly4008qy1.th.jpg

Will the current ones look like that?
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i wanna see some PICTURES.
WORN pictures.
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all the clawmarks are pretty similar save for some of the really old seasons (04/05) where the whiskering was curved upwards towards the outseam. i actually prefer the more recent ones because they look more natural. i wouldn't base your opinions on the diabro pics because they completely fuck with the contrast.
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oh okay. So the current season's still look like that(the ones is the link i posted)? I will probably order them from the grapist next week.
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OK theres something I dont get about the sizing... on DIABRO they have a lot of measurements for each pair, but they seem huge.

For example, this pair of 19 cms: DIOR HOMME - Straight Slim Jeans (Blue) - diabro.net - Import Brand Shop

The waist on the 31s is 35 inches, and the thigh is 12.9, yet that is the recommended size for me since I wear a 31 Zathans and Vikers. Are the measurements off? Id be scared to order a 30, but by the measurements a 30 would seemingly fit me the way its supposed to.

Im trying to find a less expensive ($250-350) pair of raw 21cms though anyways, not sure exactly which pair I want but I need to determine sizing first. Also, are the MIIs not worth getting at all even if Im not looking to spend $400?
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mii only retails for $260ish. mij is $330, and well worth the extra $$.
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so is this the MIJ you are speaking of skidder?
Dior Homme - Brut Denim Jean 21cm - eLuxury

I saw you refer to a pair of 21cms on eluxury as mij in an old thread of yours, but the description says Italian on eluxury. I have also only seen the term Brut on other sites as a reference to a MIJ pair. Obviously Id call to ask first, but I was just curious if you knew based on the pics or anything.
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the ones on eluxury you posted are mij, they are just mislabeled.

never pay any attention to the word 'brut' or any other term used to describe raw diors on a webshop. there is no official term for them to distinguish mij from mii. always go by the price.
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