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my new loves

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grievance manuel. sorry, the pics arent that great. i didnt have anyone to take it for me. im still waiting for my grievance policy, so ill take more pics later. theyre both pretty much the same, but i got such a good deal ($70 each!!!) i had to get both.

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wow those are nice- what are they called?
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grievance manuel
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wow! you got them for $70?? great deal!!!
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Nice! You look smokin'!!
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ohhhhh i like!
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Those are gorgeous! Where did you get the for $70? Did they have any more?
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omfg! $70???? that is insane!!
those are beautiful
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$70?!!! OMG, WHERE?!! they look so sick!
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i have those too, they're amazing
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Those look great
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WOW those are hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very nice! Those sig pockets really pop!
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They look great on you!
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i love them!!!
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Are the jeans black?
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^ very very dark blue
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$70?!! Great deal! You look HOT
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that's an awesome deal! they look great on you
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Incredible deal! You look great!
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Sweeeeeeet jeans!
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i know ppl, that know other ppl, that said they could get it for $70, and i said ok.
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Lucky girl! They look fantastic on you!!
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omg!!! $70!! get me 10000 pairs?!?! wait.. i only have 2 legs =S...

GREAT buy!! very pretty
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