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Are these dry/raw?

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Is it suggested to buy a smaller size due to stretching in Cheap Mondays too?
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I used to be into cheap monday a few years ago. they're really crappy.
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Eh, I kinda like em and thought I would give it a whirl...

Anyone else??
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do you want more unsolicited opinions from people with overly clever usernames, or do you want a simple answer to your question?

ok, well i'm not sure about sizine, but they appear to be raw since there's no roping on the hems and the denim appears to be crisp.
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My educated guess is no but I maybe wrong.
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i don't think they are raw denim based on what i can see of the weave of the fabric, but i can't be certain because i'm not all that familiar with CM. even if they are the raws, from what i have heard CM's don't really produce fades anyway.
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you have to feel them in person. They make lots of Dry and lots of rinsed (and extremely soft) models. It's really hard to tell from just the pics.
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Recently someone posted pix on superfuture of some cheap mondays that faded AMAZINGLY. But in general they seem harder to fade than some other brands.

Ditto to whoever said you have to feel the jeans. Sometimes they're rinse but look no different from totally dry jeans and the only way to tell is to feel them.
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Thanks guys!
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