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Diors on Bluefly...raw???

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I dunno what model and I don't know if these are raw or not, but Bluefly has some Diors for $264.00 and I know there's always a Bluefly coupon floating around somewhere...

Christian Dior dark rigid wash straight leg jeans

They're probably MII and they're probably 21cm (I tried calling but they didn't have that info).

I don't know if it's a good deal, but maybe some of you would be interested....

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it definitely appears to be 21cm, but based on the price they SHOULD be mij. if they are indeed mij its definitely a great deal if you are wanting a pair of 21cm.
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Given that the description says dark rigid wash straight leg jeans, indicating that they have been washed, I would say no they are not "raw."
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the word "wash" is thrown around a ton on webshops when refering to denim, especially ones that have absolutely zero knowledge of the products they are selling like bluefly. i would bet my life that those are the raws.
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Can anyone confirm this? It's very tempting and I'm itching...
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i guess my willingness to bet my life on it isn't confirmation enough?
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No, I need a deposit from you...haha
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if they aren't, return them. it might be a hassle if they aren't, but if they are, you just scored some sick diors at an awesome price.
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So who's going to bite the bullet?
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LOL @ deposit.

Yeah bluefly never gets the info right much like yoox, it's a very generic description.
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Originally Posted by tomatous View Post
So who's going to bite the bullet?
I did!!
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I'm pretty sure they're raw. Zoom in - they look like no wash has been applied
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Kimmy! Good work.. are they for you?
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no i bought them for my man! so hott
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oh god, not sure if i should go for these or thanaz 8dk
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someone on sufu said they're mii?
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well.. judging from the retail price and jkidders willingness to bet his life indicates they mij

oh well.. we will know when they arrive next week...
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He bet his life they are raw, not MIJ.
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i am only betting my life on them being raw. no idea if they are mii or mij, just saying that they SHOULD be mij if they truly do retail for $330. if they are mii then it is a total rip off since they are selling them for basically what mii would retail for.
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I hope whoever ordered them lets us know
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^i will
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nice sigmatic. Did you order those 31's? I noticed they were gone
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no, kimmy did
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$50 to ship to Australia, plus they claim at the bottom of this page that you will get approximately 25% in duties and 10% GST charged on your parcel. No longer a deal I think.
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you went with the 34's sigmatic?
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