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Dior Black MIJ 21 CM

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I stopped at the Dior Boutique in NYC on Thursday. I got the Black MIJ 21 CM. They didn't have my size in indigo, But they said they will be getting more in soon. So I plan on getting those too. Although after looking at these PICS I may be about to pull off the 19 CM, but I will let you guys be the judge of that.

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Full-length pix please
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based on how snug the thighs on those 21cm appear to be, i have my doubts as to how well 19cm would actually work out for you. not to mention the proportion of your thighs combined with the taper of 19cm might look strange.
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^. Oh. Good call. I forgot the 19cm are tapered. I guess I will just wait until they get more 21cm.
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Full View PICS. Let me know what you think of them. I am pretty happy with them. They look and fit better then any of my other raws, and I think they look nice with a lot of the stuff in my wardrobe.

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other than the odd stacking which make your lower legs look like marshmellow man, it's a good fit. Thighs are probably right where you want them to be. Stacking will look better with wear, obviously.
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lookin' good. need some arse shots though.

i agree with hisma about the stacking. it looks awkward now. they look like they are right on top of the shaft of the boot. it'll improve with wear, but push them down lower
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you have thunder thighs man, if you get 19cm you will blast the seams. You should also push the stacking down It looks awkward with stacking around your calf.
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love the fit, bro. im so amped for this summer, seeing as though im getting the exact same pair (MII if im on a budget at the time). either way, i love them. rock 'em hard.
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if you can't afford the extra $60ish for the mij, don't even bother. the mii is a complete waste of money and you would be better off saving a bunch of cash and just getting something else entirely.
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oh, thanks for the info jskidder... i was under the impression the MIJ were 100-150 more for some reason. i will definetly shell out the extra 60 for the MIJ. but yeah, if i didnt get the MIJ, i was also considering heading over the blueingreen and picking up something like samurai's. who knows.
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a question though.... will i be forced to get the clasp? i know ive seen pictures and im not really feeling it. i read some stuff about them going back to the button closure, but im not totally sure. if the clasp is the only option, that might be a deal breaker for me... besides the fact that they might not even fit.
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