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R&R size fitting please.

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hi, i never owned a pair of R&R (except for one fake
on Ebay, but that doesn't count) and i want a pair now.
thing is that i don't know what size i should get. because
i heard some run extremely small, and some run extremely
big. i'm a true 25. can anyone confirm the size that i should buy?
and for my bf, he's a 31. what size Rock n Republic should he get?

Thanks all,
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They fit really, really nicely.

I'm a 24 all across the board, and I haven't felt the need to go up or down a size when buying Rocks. I've heard many forumites say to go down a size, though. They're supposed to fit snugly, if that's helpful.
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They're all over. It depends a lot on what style you're looking at.

I have one's that are TTS and some that are 2 sizes too big.
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I have roths and had to size down one size.
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Many of the newer styles run big.
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I think you'd better do a research before buying.... sizing is a really problem with R&R... if you're a real 25 in SFAM, I think you can stay with 25 or size down sometimes....
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