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Top 6 Dior Homme Look

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After this season, KVA proves that his aesthetics departs from Hedi's, which also means DH won't get any of my money in the near future.
Anyways, here are my personal fav DH looks by Hedi Slimane. Why six? Because I cannot give up any of these looks.

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there are actually a few great jackets and knits from kva this season. fitting is every bit as slim as hedi, maybe even slimmer, in the body. sleeves are much looser though which kills it for me. i guess what i'm saying is, though kva is no hedi, the collection still has some great pieces and some iffy pieces. he is taking a beating just because he is not hedi, which is a bit unfair because there were always some stinkers in hedi's collections as well. that said, those parachute pants are a failure of epic proportions.
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Don't get me wrong, I like KVA's style generally but rather buy his own collection. It's so much better. Current DH looks like a unbalanced hybrid of KVA's own inspiration and DH's spirit (those pants and head bands are great examples). I simply sense more confusion and distraction than attraction.
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I really hope this isn't the direction KVA is heading with the denim line.

And speaking about the AW0809 collection, I do think that aside from the parachute pants the collection was quite repetitive.
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^^^where's Waldo? eek those pockets..

The parachute pants are but for the runway they do accentuate the slimness of the top half, maybe that was the idea. Opposites attract ?
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I really hope this isn't the direction KVA is heading with the denim line.

I agree

I find the simplistic design of the last few seasons with basic pockets to look fantastic, and the fit ( although I have never owned a pair) seems to be legendary.

Im gonna have to look into a pair soon
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I prefer by far d² slim or antifits or dg 14gold over dh jeans but anyway there is no brand that is the best period,it relies too much on body type

and kva should just do pants,his jeans are horrid if you're not into skinnies (and well even if you are)
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they all look like fucking bela lugosi
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