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Gucci Shoes

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I have to be honest with you guys that I am a noob when it comes to deal with Gucci stuff. So please help me check out these items. All of them are quaranteed authentic by the sellers. HOwever, i have had some bad experiences with Gucci stuff. Although I was able to get full refund, including both ways of shipping, it was a waste of time. Thank you in adance guys.

Second one

Last one:

Thank you once again
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for the monogram you will probably need close ups of the Gucci symbol for us to be sure..
and just b/c a seller guarantees authenticity, it means nothing.
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yes i know. Although they offer full refund if it is not authentic, like i said, i do not want to waste time to go and ship it back to the seller in case of fake ones. Thanks
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i DONT know about the second seller, but if it's the same as the first....steer clear. Both are fake
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Super thanks. All of those, i thought they are fake except the White one. That one looking good to me
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