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I need a pushstart!

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I have decided to get a pair of raws instead of some zatiny 8iw's mostly because i wasnt overly inspired by the ss 08 washes..im brand new to raws but im looking for a lowrise or lower-rise bootcut...i currently wear a 31x30 (that is taking the sretch into account) in zathans so if for example i was to go with nudies reg. ralf dry's what would i go with in respect to length and stretch. Im not completely sold on nudies but it has been the only bootcuts i have been able to find.
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I asked the same question a while back and was told to checkout The Flat Head's 3007.
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^exactly what i was going to say. pbj makes a nice bootcut as well but i forget the style number. it uses the same nice slubby denim as the 005.

honestly though, i don't really associate raw denims with bootcut. just doesn't really jive. i would consider the switch to straight for a nice raw pair.
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yeah i kind of thought about that too. i think i could probably get away with straights but i do wear boots so i need something pretty close. I like a real forgiving pant cause i have a larger butt and thighs so the furtherest ive ventured is with zathans which really work well but i would really like to get something that truly felt like my own once broke in and properly washed.
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trying looking @ repro cuts. they got more room around the seat and and generally wide enough opening for boots.
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almost any jean has a large enough opening for boots. my diors have an opening of less than 17cm and i always wear boots with them. even my gloovy with a 15cm opening will fit over ankle boots.
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