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Nudie SSK questions...

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I have heard over and over again that these run really small and it's recommended to size up 2. Then I hear that they are TTS...So confused! I am looking to get a pair and I have no idea what size to get. The ones I am looking at have a 34" inseam, which is ridiculously long on me. I know they shrink so is it recommended that I hem them? Any help and advice from other ladies who own these would be much appreciated!

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I'm a 24 [rarely a 25 nowadays... thank god... see my thread on gaining weight...] and my ssks are 25 and they fit snug, but not overly tight [again, see my fatness thread]. I had a pair of 26s which I traded that fit comfortably, but were pretty loose in the leg... not conducive to good honeycombing, etc. IMO, size up 1 or you'll be wasting time/money.
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the best thing for you to do is to measure your jeans that have a similar cut or, if you don't have any, measure you existing jeans and ballpark your tolerances. since you are in idaho you're not going to be able to try them, it's then a matter of collecting measurements and accounts of stretch. i'd call selfedge here in SF - they are extremely helpful and offer a 25%discount on nudies for styleforum members.
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I think p_a that you have to consider what brand the people are comparing them to.
I wear a 28 in diesel/29 in nudie ssk (as you know).

But other brands run all crazy as well.
So just make sure when someone says OMG THEY RUN SO SMALL you know what brand they are comparing them to.
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I'm thinking I will get a size 28! If they don't fit, I will sell them.
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Should I hem though???
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hell no. nudie runs shorter usually anyway, and with raw denim you will end up losing a lot of length to honeycomb creases as they form and stiffen. and they will shrink once you finally wash them as well. on slim legged jeans i think the more stack the better anyway.
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^^^yes'm he is right.
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I just notice that when I wear "skinnes" or at least slimmer leg jeans, if they are long enough, they slip under my shoe and drag on the ground, and I don't want that to happen...eh. I'll just get them and see what happens. Thanks guys!
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my g/f tried on some SSK and they looked really crappy on her. She tried her Diesel size (25) but they were tight as shit that they wouldn't even zip up. Then she tried a 26, which still didn't look right or button. Then a 27 which buttoned up but became overly baggy on the thigh.

for reference she is 5'5'' 110lbs.
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Thanks that does help. I am going to go with the 28's and if I don't like them, then I will just sell them.
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