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Crap! *rant*

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OK, so I got my Good Societys raw straight legs in the mail a couple of days ago. Although they were tight the first time I wore them, they stretched out a fair amount just from the first wear. I adore the fit of these, and although they're said to be hard to break in, they're my fave raws right now.

The quality sucks though.. My PBJs have been worn much harder than these and they fit MUCH tighter to begin with (ehm they still are tighter haha), but they're still holding their shape and hardware. The GS' however is loosing the top button, in only a few days of wear!!... The fabric has frayed around the button and it'll fall off any minute now... I am so bummed, these have the perfect fit, the perfect back pocket placement and the perfect straight leg...

Have anyone encountered the same with these?'

I'm wondering if it's worth it or not to return these and get another pair, or just return them and try another brand....
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If they are falling apart as you said already, I doubt you will be able to return them.
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^Revolve accepts the return, that's no problem. I'm thinking should I get another one in return, or just give up on the brand? From what I've read, I think I'm going to try another pair though I just love the fit on these.
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How much does it cost to ship something back to revolve from Norway? It might just be a better idea trying to fix the area around the button.
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'Pone - you own pure blues? POST PIX!
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^I did, in both chat WAYWT, but they squash my behind so I'm going to post some more pics when they loosen up more in the thighs. They're REALLY tight, but I know they'll give eventually

^^Tsukasa, you're absolutely right, I think I'll just patch up the hole and put in a new button. Shipping back will be a lot, half the price of the jeans to be excact...
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^ PBJ Slim?

they'll stretch around 1 size. thats what Noriko from BiG says... i bought a pair for my girl... yeah it does make the butt smaller... lol
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Yeah, pbj slim. Thanks for the stretching info, I'm hoping they stretch even more lol, but one size will do. They definitely make the butt look smaller..
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