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Khakis & Chinos?

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Like all of you here, I've been spoiled by the great fit & quality of designer jeans
The problem is.. I can't find any khakis or chinos that are up to my standards.
I love jeans, but I'm tired of wearing them with every outfit! (This has been going on for years, lol.)
The only place that I can think of to buy chinos is J.Crew, and their bottoms have never fit me well. I've also tried Lacoste. I think they fit ok, but for some reason, my boutique never has khakis.

Where do all of you buy khakis/chinos? (Or rather.. what brands?) Help a girl out!

P.S. I know 7FAM & COH make cords. I have some 7 cords.. but what I want is chinos.

Thanks <3

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Sometimes Diesel will make fashion pants styled after certain cuts of jeans, so that could be something to look into!
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sfam has some older styles that are chinos...

J.Crew chinos never fit me (my waist is a jcrew size 6 while my legs are size 2). I wear SFAM cords (dojo cords and bootcut) and grey/black denim. TR makes a few non-denim things (velvet, this brown cloth type thing, fleece)-- you could look into that.

I'm also moving this to fashion fashion.
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thanks for moving it; i wasn't 100% sure which section it should go in.
also, thanks for the suggestions
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If you want something basic and cheap, go to Zara or H&M. Good cuts, but the material and construction are not that great.
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Frankie B. makes awesome dress pants/chinos. The fit is on point and the quality is great!
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thanks everyone, i'll definitely look into diesel & frankie b. pants. if anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to post.
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yeah zara is great for starting with pants

I'm also a recent big fan of nice pants,they can make a sick ass from nothing
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