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I am 21 and wear tons of hoodies, jeans and tees but slowly buying more mature stuff. I might be faced with the dilemma soon
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Originally Posted by Aarendil View Post
gotta build yourself a nice collection of basics before having your style more defined (following your tastes,your built,your lifestyle etc)

Basics imo if you're tall (meaning more than 6"1) would be :

-leather jacket (either truly nice black leather,or not too common brown)
-knee-long double breasted coat (greys or black).If you're less than 6" rock a belt-long pea coat
-one jacket,like suit jackets but shorter (belt-short so you can rock jeans with'em).Light grey=insane+young+stylish+a bit dressy,just whats needed

-1 true black jeans,1 or 2 very dark blue jeans,1 light grey maybe.Concerning jeans,fabric and cut >>> details
-1 or 2 trousers with 1 being linen the other cotton,I dont know how you wear your jeans but trousers work very very good a bit relaxed

-a bunch (5-6+) of more or less deep necks sweaters (cashmere,silk,light cotton,but nice quality as a basis)
-a bunch (8-10+) of nice plain tees,short sleeves,mix henleys,deep V if you feel them,regular V,crew necks (heyo AA)
-1 or 2 hoodies but please,fitted

-1 or 2 pairs of Low chucks/High Creative recreation to begin with sneakers (A canvas and a leather one),a pair of very low heeled boots (NO FLAT SHOES-either girls' or guys' those should be burnt)

If you dont like shirts then quit them because that only looks good tucked in and you might not feel it before being really confident in what you have
Accessories:2 belts (1 slim 1 with 2 faces),1 XXL scarf,1 linen scarf,some aviators here you go

thats what should make a nice basis.About 30-35 clothes all included,main colors wont be flashy at first (that will come later),choose shades of grey,black,white TOPS,shades of brown
Really AMAZING advice there is not better advice than this!

You can ALWAYS change your look in a much easier way if you build up your basics plus with basics you can use them interchangeably and have some AMAZING looks from just your basics!

I think everyone has a different idea of what basics are but i think EVERYONE needs to have

a good pair of black, grey, and a dark blue wash

V-Neck and Crewnecks
white, black, brown, grey are the basic colours they go with everything

Black, Brown, and White belt

for women a good solid pair of Black mary janes don't choose a toe that is TOO round or TOO pointy as these often go in and out of style and there is no reason to have one or the other

I would also say find yourself a GOOD black pencil skirt and simple black dress

then build on your collection with STUNNING pieces that pull the look together and will change your look. I wouldnt even bother buying anything crazy like patterns etc. until you have your basic wardrobe built up!

Sweaters are also a great idea in the basic colours and I would also look into a solid leather jacket you can't go wrong with one of those!

but once you have those you can just build on and it's MUCH easier to change your look! and basics never go out of style!
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Oh also I would suggest buying your basics at American Apparel! they have the BEST basics and great quality! H&M is very as well and the quality is not bad but it's not as good as AA.

Don't stock up at F21 i love them but their stuff is crappy quality they'll fall apart!
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Originally Posted by Nova View Post
Don't stock up at F21 i love them but their stuff is crappy quality they'll fall apart!
Hahaha very true. When I went to Vegas 3 years ago, I bought a cute thong from F21 but the elastic band came off when I got home
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^ i know i LOVE their stuff... but you've gotta be super delicate w/ it or it rips/breaks/pops w/e lol

makes me sad

def not a good foundation for a collection of basics
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^haha totally agree with both!! Now I pretty much only buy F21 jewelry/accessories because their necklaces, earrings and headbands are the kind that are extremely "in" one minute and then not so much the next.
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I've never been to American Apparel.... :blush: Thanks for the tips. I picked up a couple tops. They are more mature. I also got a citizens skirt from HM which is "adult-ish."

Thanks NOVA I'll definatly read over that before I go shopping!

Although, I was suppose to be on a jean ban, I bought a pair (oooops) so I guess I can't go hog wild replacing a lot of stuff like I wanted too.

It's hard because I like to be casual, but I realise that at 21 (going to be 22) I should really be stepping it up. When I was in my 1st year uni I pretty much dressed the same, that was almost 4 years ago, and i don't remember the 4th years dressing like I do. It kinda hit me, "step it up dammit!"
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ooo Iwent to RW+co. the other day and I found some really really cute shirts!!! I was in a rush and didn't buy (I don't buy without trying on) but I can't wait to go back another day.
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