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Auth check for gucci bag pls

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instead of posting up another thread i thought i'd just edit this onee =P
the last gucci bag.. i lost the bid soo..... i found another one hope you guys can help!! thanks!!

Only thing about this bag im iffy about is that the seller has only one feedback.. they also sold a carly bag but buyer left good feedback. BUT since they said Refund is eligible.... should i have nothing to worry about? If the item ends up being fake/ something happens does paypal/ebay return the money and the seller gets reported?? or do i just lose the money?

It says 100% auth or ur money back so should be fine?
The seller must stick to their word on what they write on the page right??
Also this is just an ebay question..

Q)If you put an amount in Maximum bet, that means if another seller has a $$ amount on max bet too, then the $ will be keeep rising until one of the buyers are out bidded/max bet?
Also, if you put in a max bet and the item sells for cheaper? noone else bidded, would you have to pay the max u said you would pay??
lol, so all in all, by doing max bet, you could potentially spend money you dont have to or win the bid?
And you wouldnt be able to tell if someone else has a max bet would you??
don't know if that made sense =,=


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I would ask for close up of the "G"s facing eachother but other than that I think the quality looks good.
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