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common projects(again)

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i did some searching and was just wondering if these Gargyle : White Patent Leather Lace Up Low-Top [14200506] would actually work well with thanaz i assume they would but i dont wanna drop a like 250+ and not have them work well im just not sure if the leg opening would look odd like if i would get that sock action cause its too small
thanks and i apologize for bringing up another cp thread(and all the questions i ask haha)
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That website is not loading up for me, but just seeing White Patent Leather in the link shows me that I already hate them, at least in white patent leather.
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haha yeah i like the patent for some reason but they are just the low top achilles
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Well the shape is pretty similar to a pair of chucks so if you have those or have tried them on you can see.
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forget these shoes and take a look at mine at the Mall! haha
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