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Denimbirds question

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I am normally a size 26 or 27 in seven's, TR, COH, etc etc...would a size 29 in Denimbirds fit me ok? A want to buy a pair from a fellow member and I am just making sure they will fit ok. I like the tighter look, too. Thanks guys!
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I find denimbirds fit on the smaller side.

If your a 26-27. A size 29 denimbirds may be a little loose..??

Check and re-check the measurements...
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They will be too big for you.

OT but in regards to your sig- Matic 81m is tts, Matic 8dr runs small (size up 1 from your 81m size), and Matic 8ee runs tts
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A lady friend of mine is a 26 in most of her diesel's ( mostly lowky and matic ) and a 27 in her denimbirds...

Hope that helps leastwise a bit !
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Hmmm well the waist measurements are 15" laying flat across the back. And that is my usual size. Plus they have 3% stretch, so I am worried they will be too big because I would rather them be a little smaller...hmmm what to do???
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Ok so I just measured 15" with my tape measurer and held it up to my LIV 81M's in a size 27 and they actually measured 16" across, so I think the Denimbirds will be just fine for now. If not, anyone interested if they don't fit me? PM me...

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If they have nearly the same waist measurements as your diesel's, + they are even 3% stretch, you should probably go with your normal size. Maybe even with a 26...

But that's only pure speculation of course =/
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So everyone finds these to be TTS? I heard Nudies run 2 sizes small. (I know these aren't nudies) but yeah. Eh, I think I'm going to go for it, and if they are too big, I will just re-sell them. I would just buy some Nudies off revolveclothing but I don't have a debit or credit card. I only use cash or money orders. Sorry, just how I roll...

So yeah. I think I will go for it, and when I receive them, I will post pics and see what everyone else thinks...yes.
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^use b/f CC?
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He doesn't have one either.
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Which pair are you buying? I am a 26/27 and I have the straight leg denimbirds in a 28 (they're a little too big) and the slim cut in a 28 and they fit perfect.
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