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hellothere! Yeah, denim is an expensive OBSESSION indeed. I'd like to wear one pair for a while but people notice and ask me why I wear the same jeans everyday.
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is that supposed to be attractive?
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Well not really, but do you expect to have a full selvedge line in a bootcut? I think they just put that on the bottom there in case you wanted to cuff your jeans to show off that tiny bit.
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putting it on bootcut is hard to do?

Does APC ever go on sale?
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yes and no.
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The selvedge line is straight. A true bootcut does not have straight seams. RRDS has selvedge because it is not a true bootcut since the outseam is straight.

Sites that sell APC denim have coupon codes (10% off or so). The difficult part is finding them in stock in your size.
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context clothing has all apc jeans in stock for 140
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lol i just got that email, too.
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