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Cuts Similar to APC...

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Hey guys...my APC Rescues are reaching the end of their life, and I'm looking for a new pair. I was initially considering another pair of the Rescues, because, to me, they're perfect, but I kinda want to explore some other brands. What are some other brands' cuts that are similar to the Rescue??

I love the straight, slightly-looser cut of the Rescue. I don't like my jeans super tight. Also, I don't like skinny or bootcuts, and it must, of course, be dry. I was thinking one of those Nudie cuts perhaps? I dunno. Thanks a lot for the help guys.
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if you wanna try nudie, check out the RRDS. Sounds like what you're looking for.
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sweet thanks. are nudies pretty solid? how do they size?
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Nudie Jeans Regular Ralf Dry Selvage - CONTEXT CLOTHING - Free Shipping

It says they are bootcut but as you can see it resembles a straight leg more than anything. If the price is a little steep for you, you can always check out supermarket on sufu, nudies are pretty easy to find second-hand.
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while we are asking stuff about apc... im about to get one and i wasnt sure whether i should get New Standards or New Cures. ive been looking through sufu and stuff and it doesnt really say anything about NC being slimmer than NS. i just found out that it is just more tapered at the bottom than NS. is this true? because im looking for the cut that is slimmer of the two. so i guess what im asking is which is more closer to the diesel thanaz cut.
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new cure is hella skinnier and much closer to thanaz than the ns.
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much appreciated jskidder! im guessing im gonna go with the 25 their smallest size due to their notorious stretch. i hope they dont turn out to be TOO loose. and i actually dont really like the look of really worn out APCs so yeh... i hope it doesnt show too much wear too soon.
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if you want them to wear slower give them a soak before wearing them. one of the reasons apc fades so fast is because they have a fuckass load of starch in them. if you rinse some of it out they will take longer to crease and fade.
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well butters, you should definitely own a pair of RRDS.

I love context clothing 360 degree picture show. They make the RRDS fit perfectly!
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Sweet, I'll definitely check out some RRDS then...any other brands/cuts I should check out? I buy 1 pair of jeans a year, so I gotta make em count.
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if one pair and you have $275, go with the Nudies RRDS since all your friends will be jealous.
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^ there are many, many denims that are much, much better than RRDS for that kind of money. I got mine for $160ish (NWT) and that's about all i'd pay for them.
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^ you know, if he's a first time buyer he can get them for 30% off
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at revolve clothing, I mean. So that would make them a great deal
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Even with 30% off, you can get a pair of Skulls or PBJs from japan for around that much or a bit more.

If he is willing to pay full price, then you can get most japanese brands for around that price. RRDS is NOT worth it unless you can get them super super cheap.
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Yeah I don't mind paying full price. I usually buy a pair of dry until they're pretty much dead, then buy another pair. So .5-1 pairs a year...
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if you want some jeans to last you a year or more of hard wear get some samurai or iron heart. maybe flathead. definitely don't fuck anymore with apc or nudie type stuffs.
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the hard part is actually finding any of these jeans.......
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Self Edge is Denim
Blue in Green

go forth and purchase...
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opinions on the skull S5000XX Raw?? its pretty cheap from blue in green...not that money is a HUGE factor, but you know...
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that rise is sick dude. Too much for me. I like skulls but I'd skip that cut.
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They only have one size 42 in stock, so unless you are 42...
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are there seriously any size 42's out there?

I never understood how a denim company charges more or less depending on the wash but doesn't charge more for a 36x36 over a 26x28 considering one has twice as much material/labor as the other one.

I never heard of the soho place. They already sell N&F denim. Not as cheap as I expected. Anyone here purchase them yet?

OP, do you wear 1 jean all year long???
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yeah, im not a size 42 at all. and you're right about the rise. rise can be kinda hard to determine from a picture sometimes...

dieselemployee- yeah I wear the same pair every day (unless its too hot for jeans) all year till they're thrashed...then I get a new pair. I used to have a huge denim collection...it was an expensive obsession...so I switched to getting 1 dry pair every year or so. I like watching the jeans evolve, then starting over with a stiff new pair.
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OMG S5000XX WERE REDUCED TO $135?!?!?! Why is there a size 30 tab if there are no 30's in stock???
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