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Thanaz Sizing

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I searched for this topic and read up but didnt see a direct answer...so here it goes..

I bought a pair of Thanaz stretch jeans size 33...I wear a 33 in zathan 772 and riohma 796....do you think these Thanaz will fit alright?
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depends on the wash. some run really tight, others run looser than britney spears
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they'll work just loose some weight.
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yeah...i figured after winter I usually drop some weight so I should be ok in that dept. haha
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From my experience, it's going to depend a lot on thigh size and such. If you're muscular in the legs, the same size as the Zathan may be very uncomfortable and may not look good either. If you're slim, it may work out perfectly.

Worst case, it doesn't work out and you sell it on eBay.

What wash did you get in Thanaz?
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^agree with that. My Thanaz 8CA came in my normal size (w32) much too big. I returned it for an exchange w31.

What wash do you want to buy?
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I got the Thanaz 8AA stretch in a 33...it said the waist measured about 35"...I figure with stretch it would fit right..
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Again... it'll just depend. Big legs... maybe too small... little legs... maybe too big.
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I got my Thanaz 8AA today. They are pretty big in the waist and thighs so they fit really nice...not too tight with the stretch. I stuck with my zathan 772 size (33x32) but they seem to run a bit longer than other jeans. Really rad jeans though.
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^ pics pics pics!
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