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what kind of LV to buy?

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I am a huge Coach owner, bit have always liked Lv's but just couldnt bring myself to spend the extra $$. So now I'm trying to not buy anymore Coach's and save for Lv. I'm no where near a boutique, I only actually see them when on vacation, or on someone else...
which one should I get? I want a monogram canvas, and I want to be able to put it over my shoulder, and it needs to be medium to large! Picky, picky, I know.
Also, I'm willing to but EUC, cuz I want to spend less than $700. TIA.
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Why not check out Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY which is the only authorized website to sell LV (owned by LVMH)?

If you are only willing to spend $700 and you're looking for a medium to large bag, EUC is the only way to go; there are very few bags in that price range given your specifications. I did find the Neverfull GM exactly at $700 (Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Neverfull GM - eLUXURY).

Other suggestions, but all over $700:
Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Montorgueil PM - eLUXURY
Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Sac Baxter PM - eLUXURY
Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Batignolles Horizontal - eLUXURY
Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Batignolles Vertical - eLUXURY
Louis Vuitton - Abbesses Messenger Bag - eLUXURY
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oooh i like the first one a bunch! i am a coach addict as well...but i got a speedy for xmas and love it! i got the 25 but wish it was bigger!
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i think

I like the neverfull gm, it is cute...does there happen to be a LV boutique in Cabo? I'm going there next month. Probably not my luck though. I was in Las Vegas 3 times last year, I should have gotten one then!!
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I would suggest the Neverful also. It comes in 3 sizes so you can pick which one suits your needs. What's nice is they also expand to become bigger/wider and the price is pretty good for it's price

I'm not sure where Cabo is, but you can always order online from Eluxury. There are usually a few gift cards for Eluxury available in the HonestMall at a discount too.
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What do ya think?

Does anyone have the Lockit? I think that one is nice too...
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its cute in pictures but not that cute in real life imo. the neverful is cuter, but its such a summer bag!

i would go for a nice 2nd hand cabas piano or saleya.
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i had a Neverfull GM and really liked it because the size. it's a great shoulder bag and can hold SO much!!

also on ebay thay have bottom shapers that made the bag have more stucture on the bottom.

i would suggest a pre-owned Cabsa Mezzo but the leather on the bottom can stain easily and look messy. i sold mine for that reason.

i'd suggest one with a non leather bottom.

the Palermo GM rocks if you'd be willing to spend more $$. i have that one and love it!!

also, like 2venus and liz suggested, take a look at eluxury.com. the LV is 100% authentic and they have a lot of styles to look at.

plus there is no tax ( woo hooo ) and the S&H is really fair!!
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ok, I think I'm probably do the Neverfull. But now I'm looking at both the Gm and the Mm....
And the Gm was available earlier today on eluxury, and now its not!
:0. What to do?? Gm or mm
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get the Neverfull!!! i have the GM!! its sooo convenient.... because you can tie it up on the side, so its smaller, or leave it out like in the pic, it literally fits my whole life in there =D

get it get it get it!! =D
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Originally Posted by shonntew View Post
ok, I think I'm probably do the Neverfull. But now I'm looking at both the Gm and the Mm....
And the Gm was available earlier today on eluxury, and now its not!
:0. What to do?? Gm or mm
keep looking on elux and i bet it pops uo again. when i got my Palermo i had to keep watching and then got it.

get the GM...
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Ok, you gals have twisted my arm!!! My husband might kill me, but I'm still alive after all my jeans I have purchased.
I just heard today that Coach is having another 25% coupon for next week. I will have to pass that up so I can get a Neverfull.
If anyone knows of any good deals on one let me know. Thanks so much.
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get an authentic check on this.. im not good with LV auth..

AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON NEVERFULL GM W/ RECEIPT - eBay (item 320223717105 end time Mar-08-08 21:22:15 PST)

but imo, you should just buy it in stores, there arnt many GM's on ebay... and you won't save ton of money even on pre-owned, i've seen some end over or very close to retail before

If it is a bag you'll use all the time for a long time to come, why not invest extra few $$ in a new bag that is yours from the day it's outta the store =D
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I'm selling my Louis Vuitton Batignolles Vertical in the mall for under $700 shipped
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