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...to Raws!! LOL. I ordered this pair:

...let's hope they hold up, because there's a review on that page stating that "their pair" fell apart after 2 wears!! Any word of Farmer Industry and quality? I was going to get so Nudie SSK in Dry Stretch, but I wanted to be on the safe side with forking out too much money on raws. Got 'em for $68 shipped! Let's see how these Farmers go about in 6 months! Let's hope I don't get addicted! Wish me luck!

**EDIT - Note to Mod

Please move this to the "Dry Section"!! Thank you!
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those are awesome! i've never heard of them before though post pics when you get them
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YAY!!! wow those are going to be hot!
I hope you post some photos for us! woo!
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