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I just put this up and im 95% sure they are real but 5% nervous, so i want to make sure it is 100%! I am paranoid! Thanx guys, appreciate it! xo

$216 Seven For All Mankind jeans CRYSTAL pink A 27 26 ? - eBay (item 200203997904 end time Mar-06-08 19:01:05 PST)
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Definitely real in MNE I think but the hems are definitely w/o originals
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Yes! Thankyou, i wanted to be 567% sure! xo
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No worries
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Those are real and beautiful! I have a pair of those on the way!
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Those aren't MNEs IMo, they're NYD (faded).
nyd comes with crytals, and is rigid, mne pink As are stretch.
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I was registered at your forum. I have printed the test message. Do not delete, please.

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^^ Uhm what?
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