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Miss Sixty auth check.

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Are either of these real? Thanks!


Pair 2

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I am pretty sure the first one is but i havent a clue about the 2nd.. xo
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PS: LOVE Miss Sixty too! Damn, you and i sure like the same brands! <3
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I'm the opposite of hips... I'm sure the 2nd one is real but I have no idea about the 1st. Well there you have it.
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Im not 100% sure, i have held that pair in my hands though and the wash is really very similar.. No guarentees though! The 2nd one is highly faked so im not even going to guess!
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In my opinion BOTH are fake ! Especially the first pair looks cheap as hell...
If one of them is real, i'd rather bet on the second pair. But i'm not sure. They're highly faked - as zee already said before - escpecially in turkey =)
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^ Wow..I just posted this msg and only some posted! DooDooDoooDoo .. That was my ghostly sound, i failed at delivery. ..As for the first pair..in person the wash is rougher and almost fake looking.. Thats why i think they may be real.. The style uses an odd wash/denim.. I have sold a similar wash/style that i got from nordstrom, if i can find the pics i will post for comparison if it helps xx
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my g/f actually has the 2nd ones or something very similar to it.
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