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I don't know much about the brand, but a local store near me had a tonne of jeans and sweatshirts/sweaters on sale, are they a good brand? How much would a pair of jeans normally go for?

I tried looking on ebay but didn't see any jeans listed.
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I've never seen jeans from this brand. Some of their outerwear is nice, but most of their sweatshirts are over branded so I stay away. It is a UK brand so there isn't too much being sold in North America.
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I completely agree about the over branding- the sweaters were nice except for the varsity style writing on the chest.
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Superdry is from here in the U.K its a very middle market brand over here and not worth the money, although David Beckham has been spotted wearing a Superdry leather jacket
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Well like I said, I do like some of their outerwear which isn't too overbranded. They only carried a few pieces here so I don't have much to go on. Pricing here at least is around Diesel pricing on some items (tshirts, sweatshirts and polos), lower on others (mostly the outerwear).

Quality wise, I don't think it isn't too bad really. I would say it is at least at Diesel's standards (but I have no idea about the jeans). I have no idea on the MSRP of the jeans but I am guessing at least 150?
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