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Dior sizing?

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So I'm in a terrible position to go somewhere I'd be able to actually try some pairs on out in Knoxville, and I'm looking at some Dior...

I'm normally a 30 in most jeans and I've really got a broad spectrum as far as that goes as I just like to have different looks (you'll just have to excuse it lol)... I've got a pair of 7FAM and a pair of R&R in 30 and it's a comfortable fit. Not too tight, not too loose. Same with a pair in Citizens of Humanity. In Diesel, I read the forums and went with a 29 for a new pair of Zathans I bought and the sizing was perfect. I picked up a pair of Yarik 87J in 30, though, and that was a good fit as well.

In Dior, what should I go with? 29? 28? I hear they stretch, but I don't know how much they stretch.
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Dior Homme Denim (FAQ ON FIRST PAGE - read me) - superfuture :: supertalk Superfuture will tell you everything you need to know about Dior's. I'd size up one from your tight Zathan size. a 30 waist will measure 16" when laid flat which is about a Diesel 29. So I'm guessing 30.
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size up 1 from diesel unless you are incredibly brave.

i have 2 threads here picturing 3 different pairs of dior in 2 different cuts one size up from my diesel size...
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jskidder, what would you say to the 17.5" Sheer Denim Jean? I'm pretty slim, and am in love with the color. You noted it was pretty dang tight but that it would stretch out to a good size over a dozen or so wears... will it pretty much be at optimal size then?
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they won't stretch out all that much. if you wear yarik and zathan in diesel you will hate them most likely as they are tighter than thanaz. i would stick to 19cm if i were you, unless you are ready for some extremely skinny jeans.
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Well like I said, I really like variety, and I'm looking for a really skinny jean. I like the Thanaz fit in Diesel... I just don't have a pair, and figured I'd get a slim fit Dior first.

If you really recommend going with a 19cm instead of a 17.5cm, is there a MIJ 19cm in grey or black that you'd recommend picking up?

I was thinking about getting these at eLuxury (BillMeLater option and 60 day return option) so I'm looking for similar convenience options in case you're right about the first notion you threw out there and I don't really like the extremely skinny fit.
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you may as well give them a go from eluxury since you can always return them. there are several black and grey 19cm jeans, but you will need to proxy them and you will then have to pay tax, shipping, paypal fees, etc. and you won't be able to return. i'm just warning you that the 17.5cm is about as skinny a jean as one could possibly buy. if you have tried thanaz and feel you have a tolerance to go even slimmer than that they may work out just fine.
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