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Ingredient comparisons?

thoughts/ Opinions?

I tried murad for three months with no success,I've also triedercsriptives, shiseido, clinique and ddf for up too two months each.. all for adult hormonal acne thats gotten worse over the last 8 months.I read some previous discussions in here favoring dermalogica but when comparing the two basic cleansers from murad and dermalogica they seem pretty similar. And reviews for proactive are 50 50. Next step is actually seeing a dermatologist but I want to try proactive or dermalogica first.... Help please any recommendations will help
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Why play around with products when a dermatologist can pinpoint what's the approrpriate treatment for your skin? This is just IMO.... I think a specialist will be much more helpful than self-treatment. Is there any reason why you'd see a derm as your last alternative? Just curious.
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No health insurance until September, I by passed it last year so I'm not able to renew for another few months
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i dont think ill be much help, cause i am in the same boat as you are...but i tried proactive a while ago and it made my face a million times worse, i hated it. i am using murad right now, but i too, am looking for something else because its no longer working for me! (it worked for the first few months)

ive gone to the derma and he just tells me its from hormones because the acne is on my chin. he just gives me all sorts of acne creams and tells me how great they are........but NOTHING has worked. i dont think he sees it as a big deal. but it is to me, because i never had breakouts as a teen!!! it makes me really angry that im getting them at 26!!!!!!! so i too would appreciate any help anyone has to offer!!!

oh i will say that i dont think murad was nearly as harsh as proactive was. and i like the way murad felt on my skin compared to proactive.

i did read something in a mag the other day....for really bad acne they suggest laser treatments or accutane (not sure what it is cause i didnt check in to it, but it said it can cause birth defects and you MUST be on birth control and take monthly pregnancy tests if you are on it!!!!!!!!)
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I'm one of the people who like proactive, but haven't really tried anything else because it worked for me. I only use proactive when I need to instead of using it constantly to prevent break outs...I foudn that when I used it all the time it was a bit drying.

I'm not using proactive right now, I actually discovered that my make-up was causing me to breakout. I threw pretty much all of it away and went for more hypo-allergenic solutions.

I was just curious how much it costs to see a derm? It might be cheaper than wasting money on products you don't ever use.
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I also wanted to say that I talked to my doctor about my breakouts and she prescribed this liquid crap (came in a bottle with a sponge thing to apply it) and while it was strong it worked quite well, but caused my skin to dry out.

I can't remember what it was...I'm going to check for the bottle (if I still have it) and if I do I'll post what it was.
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proactive sucks i can assure u that right now. my friend's face got WAY worse with proactive...
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^ yeah i literally had a zit everyday i used proactiv...which i NEVER had before. ick.

i know every time i went to the derm it was over $100 because he didnt accept insurance...and he really did nothing other than just give me different acne cream every time. lol pretty much sucked!

someone my aunt knows works for image skincare...i have no clue what it is or how good it is...has anyone ever tried it before??
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im using proactiv right now
and i dont see any results =[
and the RENEWING face wash
MY !!! its like washing your face with sand which made things even worse = - =
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I don't blame you for wanting a derm to be your last option. For one, the products are expensive, they can wreck your skin even if you use them properly bc they are so harsh, and half the time they don't even work.

My recommendation is Avene Diacneal. All the proactive and murad stuff doesn't work bc I think the basic ingredients are the same. Diacneal has a different one and it works well. There should be a ton of info on AF about diacneal.
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Hmmm...I'm having good results with proactive, but then again I guess everyones skin is different.

You might want to go to a dermatologist to get it checked out because about 2 months ago I finally went in to see why I had this really persistent acne for about 5 months on my forehead. I tried using Clinque, Proactive, and a strong acne cream but it the zits didn't budge. When I went in they looked at it, took a sample and found out that it was a staph infection!! They put me on an antibiotic for about 2 weeks and gave me a prescription sulfur cream. It cleared it up really fast and my skin is back to being clear. So, I'd recommend going in to make sure it isn't a staph infection.

Hope that helps!
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Well in my experience dealing with acne, and trust me I've had a ton of experience considering that I have dealt with acne for 17 years, the best remedy is to stop obsessing over your million pimples! And I do say that in exaggeration....come on maybe a hundred but not a million...lol!  I've tried all of these products, gone on birth control, gone to a dermatologist and used all of their medications, and yes tried accutane (which does work however you become as dry as a dessert and extremely depressed).  Honestly what works for me is to not obsess over them.  I am now 26 and I get an the occasional pimple but I never freak out or talk about how disgusting i feel and look! Energy goes where attention goes, and i do honestly feel that stress, unhappiness, and low self-esteem do affect the body and for some may be the reason you are having breakouts. Accept and love yourself, let go of judgments, and stop criticizing your biggest fan, YOU 

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Do notttt I repeat DO NOT try accutane!!!!! I had a friend who took it and yes, it cleared up his acne but when we had to get off the pill, he suffered badly from depression... I thought about taking this because I have really bad acne but honestly I'd rather be a little insecure here and there with pimples than have beautiful skin and not being able to enjoy my skin because of depression... But that's my outlook.

You can try it if you like, I heard not everyone experiences depression after taking this medication but I wouldn't risk it...
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I randomly found this site, and I have had hormonal acne for the past three years due to a tumor (long story), and I work at a spa, ive tried peels, and all sorts of products like proactive and dermologica, and as deserperate as i grew i will provide the following tips because i know how terrible it feels.  ps. (ive also seen a dr. who put me on antibiotics... )

and the following things helped me the MOST... out of everything...



-I cleanse twice a day (lightly with my hands) because acne is exagerated by massage or electric brushes which stimulate oil production.. with Cereve (a fragrance free light wash from walgreens)


-I do not use astringents or toners


-I use a FABULOUS CHEAP facial ... as seen on the show "The Doctors".. you can YOUTUBE this....

 its ingrediants are  crushed up asprin (I use three Bayer Pills)

add a drop or two of water to liquify,

and add a teaspoon of PURE AGAVE nectar....

its antimicrobial, and the asprin takes away inflammation.

I had severe cystic acne... and this helped IMMEDIATLY.. i do it at night for 20 minutes about 3 times a week. BUt you can use it daily if you need to.


I just registered to this site becuase I randomly saw this post, and I know how terrible acne can be. I had NEVER had acne until the past few years. anyway, i hope this helps.


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I only want to say that it's easy to say that good mood and positive thinking works wonders on acne, after acutane treatment. Actually it's the other way around. Good treatment like accutane fixes acne and this brings back good mood, a huge relief. I was 34 when I finally fixed my acne problem with accutane. Then my mood improved of course. Before that acne destroyed my mood and self esteem and basically my life. I'm 48 now.

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