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Acne Mic Rigid *pics*

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I got a pair of Acne Mic Rigid today. Crappy pics though.

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fit looks nice. don't expect much fade from acne's though.
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I recall seeing some impressive fading on acnes on superfuture but they'd been washed like 20 times and worn over 1.5+ years.
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I didn't buy them to expect for some crazy fading like japanese denim or anything. I just wanted something dressy that would hold their color and would be hard to break in. My next pair would probably be the Dior Indigo MIJ 19cm when I'm not so broke.

I'm gonna be going back to the mall tomorrow to pick up a pair of Mic Raven which is black & unwashed. I'll post some pics of them tomorrow when I get them. I'll also take some better pics of the Mic Rigid since I was in a bit of a rush when I took those pictures.
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They look really good!!
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I hope you got a good deal on them! Acne's MSRP is pretty high, but the resale value outside of stores usually isn't very good.
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They look great on you! Perfect to dress up
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^ what she said
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Thanks for all the compliments, much appreciated!

So I just realized that I'm really broke and have been buying more than I could afford. I can't keep them all so please tell me which ones I should keep and the ones I should sell. I can't return the Acne ones since they're final sale so I'm gonna be listing them in the mall (maybe). So PM me if you're interested! And I bought the Nudie ones from Revolve, so that's no problem to return.

Here are some more pics of the Acne Mic Rigid 28x34:

Acne Mic Raven 28x34 which I purchased today:

Comparison picture:
Nudie Bootcut Ola - Mic Rigid - Mic Raven
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get rid of the nudies
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I really love how the Acne jeans fit on me. The only problem I have with them is that I can't seem to get over the fact that they're zipper fly. It feels really weird, since all of my other jeans are button fly. And button flies last much longer than the zipper flies. Yes, I'm pretty anal when it comes to jeans.

Now I'm wondering if there are any other brand of jeans that are raw/dry, dressy, would hold their color, and hard to break in. Oh, and are button fly! Price isn't really a factor for me. The only ones I could think of right now are Diors.

Maybe I should size up on the Nudies?
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Get a pair of black wool dress pants instead of trying to dress up denim.
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if you want dark jeans that won't fade, why are you buying raw denim? there is plenty of rinsed denim out there that will hold its color and not fade at all. if that is what you want, why not just get some diesels in 88z or 8aa?
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Yeah fuck the nudies off..keep the acne's!!

Pm'ing you...
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jskidder: I tried looking for some Diesel jeans, but nothing really fits into the category of what I'm looking for. I'd like something that's straight leg and indigo. I'm considering some J Brand jeans. I'm still gonna be buying some Diors sooner or later.

After all that trouble buying jeans (some that I can't return), it was simple as that. I'm such a moron.

Now someone please buy my Acne jeans!
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^it seems to me that safado 8aa or darron or slammer 88z would be exactly what you are looking for. maybe viker 88z if you wanted them less slim or thanaz 8aa or 86c if you want them more slim.
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oh, and if you like the bootcut ola, zatiny 88z or trouleg 8aa would be good bootcut options.
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yeah 88z or 8aa sounds like that's exactly what you want. I'd go with 88z (stiff and very rich looking) because I don't like 8aa (not a fan of stretch unless it's 8dk).
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