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Diesels are the best.

But, I love it when the Energie store has their crazy sales - their jeans are certainly worth it at 75% off.

Let's see. I like some of the True Religions and I still have a pair of Jetlags. I'm kinda fond of 575s in the summertime; stupidly I sold my only pair. I'd like to branch out a bit and maybe go for some R&Rs, but I still need more Diesels first, for reasons I cannot explain but which I know some of you understand.
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COHs overall
Paige thickness
R&R washes, fading, distressing, other "effects"
J Brand fit on the ass
William Rast on the placement of the pockets.

However, I will never pay full retail for the above ever again.
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Originally Posted by Ben24 View Post
I got tired of diesel , seven etc.. because :

1 . theyre too expensive in canada so i had to order online.

2. they all stretch and end up too big or mishape

3. most designer jeans suffer from inconstent sizing which really piss me off ... depending the wash ... the jeans was too baggy or too fit . ... and the actual sizing is different that what on the label .

finaly i end up selling 2 month later a 200 $ pair of jeans for 90 $ .... cause no matter how you think they worth , you realize that its a superficial value .

im sorry but beside dry denim .... a diesel jeans doesnt have a longer life than a levis jeans .

i now wear Levis 527 which is IMO a diesel rabox or something close in the fit . and levis sizing is very constant which give me no problem . the jeans are 40 $ and last me a couple years also .

i went from seven , diesel to Levis 527 & amercian eagle low rise boot and i must say that all these years ... i was paying overprice for diesel stuff and everything . i didnt feel more conformtable in my diesel that in my Levis .... and theyre 150 $ cheaper .

A couple years ago ( around 2001 -2002 , compagny like diesel , paper , seven .. made distressed jeans which was fairly new.... but now .... every brand does it and can copy a diesel wash 1-2 seaosn later .

i still love some of theyre jeans ..... i like being here.. but im not into designer stuff anymore ... and wouldnt buy Diesel again never ever... but i still respect the company and people who loved their stuff i was one of them couple years ago .... but not anymore .

and funny thing ... i see more diesel jeans in clubs , subway , college etc... than i see levis jeans .....

i almost never see anyone wearing the same levis than me ... and i dress at big stores like The bay ( think Macys etc... ) .

n-e way its nice being here when youve been here couple of years ... even if you dont wear designer jeans anymore .

Levis = truly the best ever IMO . and very reaosnnable price .

italian designer are always overprice unfortunatly ... and that doesnt made theyre clothes better ....

soemtimes more stylish .. but nowadays theyre so many people who copy those brand than it doesnt mean anything .

now Diesel have to put their name of their shirt to sell them ... a couple years ago , you could recognize a brand by their design and one of a kind style . ... nowadays , your buying a corporate brand .

its IMO ..... but i respect people who think otherwise ...

+ you dont have to paranoid about stains and everythings .. at 35 $ a pair and always available ( theyre colleciton last for 2 years ) .. you jsut dont care about ruining them or dropiing mustard or vinagar etc...
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apc's are my fav designer, though my fav are the levi's (almost every wash on the 501). i'd say dior homme, but I only have 1 pair i got for christmas last year
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what Ben 24 said is too true...people just want a brand on their butts nowadays.

However...im a guy and I'm sorry, but when was the last time you saw a guy in levis and thought *hot sh1t!!! Oh yeah!* They fit terribly.
Designer jeans are my addiction. I cant stand for anything else, i feel stupid if im wearing crappy ass jeans

Id have to say joes are my favorites, but I'm looking into Hudsons, but cant find a mens retailer...
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I love my COH and I really haven't seen much about genetic denim on here.. but I love my two pairs..

never tried R&R or TR. Want to, though.
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James Jeans are my favorite.
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speaking of james jeans, does anyone know a retailer who sells men's james jeans?
Their fit on women is sexy and I want in!!
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their online store (James Jeans-Dry Aged Denim) carries their men's line
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yeah ive been there but I dislike ordering off of the internet and would prefer to try them on at a store-- any options? or will I have to use the website?
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I like Diesel jeans ...the fit is always nice on me
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Jeez you guys are extremely stuck up about denim. I'm sorry if the label isn't what you consider "designer" but why do you all have to bash those who like jeans that cost less than $100 (AE, AF, etc.)? Is there some magic price that makes jeans acceptable that I'm not aware of?

Anyways, my favorites...

Rock & Republic
Dolce & Gabbana (some of their black label jeans are hot, though I agree with most that their style is a bit out there for the most part)
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I'm a 6'2" 215lb athletic guy. For me: Diesel, Adriano Goldschmied and 575. I have a few pairs of Earl Jeans that I like but the new stuff looks cheap and fugly.
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My favs are skinny jeans by
J Brand

Some labels I'd really like to try
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I love William rast and Hudson jeans! I've never tried on citizens but always wanted to buy...
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i prefer classic design jeans, so i wear Trussardi ... but Galliano is really unique
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Does apc even make women's jeans?

For sexy/curvy fits I like
Miss Sixty
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I think it also depends on the 'wear-er'. My guy looks good on RnR but not on Abecrombies.
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J Brands and hudsons!! :)

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i wear nudie, james jeans, tsubi, edwin, holydjo and samurai

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My faves right now are Dylan George boyfriends in Czar wash. 

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I love my R&R most.

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I love True Religion and William Rast :)

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