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For me, brands that are women's specific like SFAM/COH/Paige(yes she has a men's line) fit and feel the best to me. I don't care much for Diesel or TR, R&R fits weird on me and I won't touch any mall crap.

My Abercrombies are somewhere in Cambodia thanks to my dad, and I killed a pair of Hollisters - they met their demise with a can of paint and a Makita disc sander. IMO, the difference between Abercrombie and Hollister is very little - just like the difference between a Toyota and a Lexus(or a Honda and a Acura), a Snap-On or Craftsman tool, or a Chamberlain garage door opener to a Lift-Master. Very little - just the price and build quality.
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Originally Posted by ritat View Post
Am I the only person on the planet who thinks that Citizens fit incredibly well?

EVERYONE in Portland wears AE. It's really weird.
I have exactly one pair of citizens... and I think they fit the best out of all of my denim!
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^ citizens pockets are too far apart to flatter my butt properly. I've never tried on a pair that fit my butt just right.
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Originally Posted by dieselsmomma View Post
did you know Calgary actually has a MOTO store??? I've never been but have seen the signs. It's by Spences (the jewelery store) like 2 blocks south.
Seriously?!?!?! I need to find a bucket cause I am going to
I only have a pair of COH crops and skirt right now but that brand fits nice on me
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Originally Posted by LisaLisa View Post
OK if you're wearing A&F and American eagle jeans WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!

I got tired of diesel , seven etc.. because :

1 . theyre too expensive in canada so i had to order online.

2. they all stretch and end up too big or mishape

3. most designer jeans suffer from inconstent sizing which really piss me off ... depending the wash ... the jeans was too baggy or too fit . ... and the actual sizing is different that what on the label .

finaly i end up selling 2 month later a 200 $ pair of jeans for 90 $ .... cause no matter how you think they worth , you realize that its a superficial value .

im sorry but beside dry denim .... a diesel jeans doesnt have a longer life than a levis jeans .

i now wear Levis 527 which is IMO a diesel rabox or something close in the fit . and levis sizing is very constant which give me no problem . the jeans are 40 $ and last me a couple years also .

i went from seven , diesel to Levis 527 & amercian eagle low rise boot and i must say that all these years ... i was paying overprice for diesel stuff and everything . i didnt feel more conformtable in my diesel that in my Levis .... and theyre 150 $ cheaper .

A couple years ago ( around 2001 -2002 , compagny like diesel , paper , seven .. made distressed jeans which was fairly new.... but now .... every brand does it and can copy a diesel wash 1-2 seaosn later .

i still love some of theyre jeans ..... i like being here.. but im not into designer stuff anymore ... and wouldnt buy Diesel again never ever... but i still respect the company and people who loved their stuff i was one of them couple years ago .... but not anymore .

and funny thing ... i see more diesel jeans in clubs , subway , college etc... than i see levis jeans .....

i almost never see anyone wearing the same levis than me ... and i dress at big stores like The bay ( think Macys etc... ) .

n-e way its nice being here when youve been here couple of years ... even if you dont wear designer jeans anymore .

Levis = truly the best ever IMO . and very reaosnnable price .

italian designer are always overprice unfortunatly ... and that doesnt made theyre clothes better ....

soemtimes more stylish .. but nowadays theyre so many people who copy those brand than it doesnt mean anything .

now Diesel have to put their name of their shirt to sell them ... a couple years ago , you could recognize a brand by their design and one of a kind style . ... nowadays , your buying a corporate brand .

its IMO ..... but i respect people who think otherwise ...

+ you dont have to paranoid about stains and everythings .. at 35 $ a pair and always available ( theyre colleciton last for 2 years ) .. you jsut dont care about ruining them or dropiing mustard or vinagar etc...
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i still rather have one pair of PD than 100 pairs of AE and AF jeans. they look craptacular.
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***applause for the speech***

I still have to go with RE and Joes as my favorite. They just fit ME best compared to all the others. I will not wear something if it doesn't fit perfectly. Especially if it's over $150! And when I say others I do mean ALL the others. I've tried the cheaper brands and because they're mass produced, they have to fit the average body which is nowhere close to mine...lol I say wear what u like hun, ef the rest! You just wont get much love on a designer jeans forum. See ya!
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Originally Posted by *_Jasmine_* View Post
You just wont get much love on a designer jeans forum. See ya!

Nothing will change my opinion and mind about AE jeans. I owned a pair in grade 11 and in no-time they thinned out, became shapeless and looked like shit. For all people I see wearing them on the street have one thing in common:

THEY LOOK LIKE SH!T ON EVERYONE!!!!! Especially in the @$$
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Originally Posted by courtzzzz69 View Post
Excuse my language but I F%<kin hate MOTO Piece of crap poser, wannabe designer jeans. MOTO should at least try to be creative, not copy everyone elses designs and call them their own
My sister in law LOVE Moto's and it pains me to see her in them.

I love my hudson's best.
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Diesel and AG Jeans
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Originally Posted by callire View Post
I have exactly one pair of citizens... and I think they fit the best out of all of my denim!
totally agree! i own about 6 diff brands and COH are my favorite based on fit and comfort. R&R takes the cake for pretty washes + back pockets, though

but my first pair of TR's are in the mail, so maybe my opinion will change...
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ive just realized abercrombie boy (the thread starter) has been banned. i feel so much better about this forum now.
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diesel > all
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I hate seeing abercrombieboy90's thread constantly being bumped up.
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^^ well then stop doing it!!! lol
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What defines a brand as "designer"?
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Originally Posted by misty78745 View Post
I have been a SFAM girl for years now but I suddenly have an obsession with William Rast, I just love the way my butt looks in them!
Exact same here!

I love William Rast, I have a sick, sick addiction to them! Great bootie jeans!

And SFAM just always fit so well!!!
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Originally Posted by aeroflying View Post
What defines a brand as "designer"?

very high quality, not (as) mass produced, and usually made in a first world country

actually always made in a first world country
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diesel and abercrombie sometimes make their jeans in the same factory
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rocs for fit, die's for quality, sfams for class, nudies for partying, loomstates for comfort, dolce&gabbana (not D&G) for gettin it on
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i absolutely LOVEEEE frankie b's!!!!! they are my ALL TIME favoritess! they are really flattering and have the cutest pockets.

p.s. jeans w/ NO pockets so the most HIDEOUS things i have EVER SEEEN!!
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^ frankie b, while not my favorite, are ADORABLE!!!!!! nice choice!
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Out of what I have:
#1 Evisu
#2 True Religion
#3 Antik
#4 Citizens of Humanity

I would also like to buy and try some Rock and Republics and SFAMs though
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For me, Citizens look best on my booty. Paige's overall fit is great and R&R have the most fun washes and back pockets.
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