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LOL WTF are those baller jeans

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im not sure if you would really count my nudies as much as i do love them i would have to say my Dior's are my favs

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My favourites at the moment are Hudson Jeans Beth baby bootcut in white


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Nudies! especially Thin Finn

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I am really starting to fall for Diesels. I mean they are just classic. They are the originals IMO. They know how to make quality denim. I still love my Rock & Republics but Diesels are it at the moment.

I love hudsons (langport is my favorite cut) but I own 3 pair and after you have 2 pair you have them all. They need to figure out a way to diversify.

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American Eagle by a long shot.

Lol I love that this post got sheet on as soon as it was put up. But I have to agree. I have a few pairs of AE jeans I'll wear over my diesel's any day of the week. Especially when its sandal time of the year. Sry all you die hard Designer fans. AE has some really great jeans to.

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Well my once favorite Designer jeans, Rock & Republic, are no longer going to be considered premium denim! Since Vf Corp has signed rr's life away to be sold EXCLUSIVELY at Khols(a much lower price point), I guess RR is no longer my favorite designer jeans. Diesels have steadied into first place and then second are True Religions, and third are AG's and then fourth are Nudie's, fifth are Hudsons, and sixth are Joe's Jeans.

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I have to say Hudson's are one of favorites, however, I just got introduced to Big Star and I gotta say I love them. They fit really well! I love their 1974 line!

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 Big Star is hardly considered designer. Designer jeans run a lot higher of a price point than Big Star. Big star is the second worst attempt at copying True Religions that I've seen. Second only to Rock Revival. Atleast Big Star is made in the USA(Rock Revivals are made in China). They are very inexpensive I'll give you that, but hey are really tacky.

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Beija-Flor Jeans. They are every women's hidden secret to looking great! I worked at a boutique this past year that sold them, and haven't worn any other type of jean since. 

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Never heard of them, spammer.

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Forgot if I mentioned these (and my browser's lagging so it would take awhile to look) but I have a pair of Denim for Immortality and love them. I've been looking for another pair since...I think they were only made for a year or two, so they're hard to come by, but I got lucky at a secondhand shop and scored some in my size a couple years ago. They're great for curvy girls.

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Do you have pictures?

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They have only been around for a few years. Check them out online at ilovethesejeans.com or on Facebook by searching Beija Flor.

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I am Andy from China. Recently I am looking partners to export jeans. Do you have any interest? My email is andy.liu@vip.163.com


Looing forward to hearing from you.



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Diesel Industries & G-Star RAW

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well our diesel section is by far the most active here so you'll fit in well here. Welcome

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Thanks! =)

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Wake up!


Some of the worst quality jeans out there from a construction and fabric point of view are from Dior, Gucci and the like.

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Well there are probably only three girls that are actually active on this site. Most of the people here are men(by far). Dont trust too much in your own judgement.

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Up until about 1 month ago, I was a huge True Religion and AG fan, however, I just bought 2 different washes of G Star Fender Skinny and they are the sexiest jeans I have ever owed.  They are so hot, they're the only jeans I want to wear.  Nothing else compares to the way the fit and they rock.  Please note, they run small.  I am a solid 24 and I size up 1 size in these and they fit perfect.  I recommend these to EVERYONE.   

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Hmm, I guess I never posted on this thread.  All I own at this point is Diesel, Dsquared2, and Dior Homme.  D2 is definitely my favorite denim brand right now, both the washes and the fits are excellent.  Diesel has some excellent washes that are about on par with D2, but D2's fits are quite a bit better IMO.

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I am loving Diesel more and more as I go. I dont even want to wear any true religion anymore. I do just to justify spending the money I did but eventually I am going to sell off all of my Trues and buy a bunch of Diesels and eventually a pair of DH. I just dont know where to get a good deal on DH. Also does anyone have any experience with PRPS? I think I would like their jeans a lot.

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I've just come across these Rum Denim jeans- http://www.frenchconnection.com/product/Man+Collections+Jeans/54BI6/Rum+Denim+Jeans.htm  I think they'll look good on me although I have to say I think they could have chosen a better model, and better shoes/boots to set them off. They're at the upper end of my price range, but I am tempted to get them for an end of Summer present to cheer myself up (seems like it's been raining in London for the last Month!!).


On a related issue, I'm not sure what defines "Designer" jeans. All jeans, even cheap ones imported, must be designed somewhere along the line. I guess it just means Expensive??  Or are there what you would call designer jeans that are cheaP Lol!

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yeah designer jeans are basically just speaking of a price point. I think once jeans go around the $200 and over price point they'd be considered designer. Also, your link doesnt work.

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