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Samples from Diesel online store

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Ok, so here's the story... Apparently, Diesel makes early samples of new items always in size W32 L32 for jeans/pants and size L for tops. They use these samples for example for the pictures in the online shop. Apparently, the model that they (Yoox probably) consistently hire for the pictures in the online store has these sizes.

Now, I happen to have the same sizes (except that I sometimes need L34 if the L32 is really true to size). The good thing about this is that I can see immediately from the pictures in the store how something would fit on me: are the sleeves running long, does an L32 run short, is it a tight fit or not, etc.

But here's the bad thing: guess what happens when I order something in my size from the (European) Diesel online store... Right, they send me the sample that was used for the picture in the store! I have seen this now on several orders. For example, I ordered the Lecly jacket in size L and got the exact same jacket they used for the photo shoot. I could recognize it from the color differences between different leather patches that were exactly the same as in the online pictures, from a fold you can see in one of the pictures, from a sticker with notes inside the jacket. Because I didn't want this sample (I disliked the color differences), I ordered a second jacket before sending the first one back. This second jacket is clearly from the normal production run: it has a different lining, different tags inside, and in general is darker and much more even in color. Second example: I order a pair of jeans in W32 L32 and get again the sample. This time it is even more obvious because there is a tag stitched inside the jeans saying "Diesel sample".

So what should I do: keep this sample or again order a new one (and pay again shipping costs)??? Are these samples interesting to keep anyway?
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did you contact them about this? if i were you i would call or email or both and bitch my head off about it. at the very least they would cover the cost of your return shipping as well as the cost of the shipping to send you another item. hell, i might even call up and complain to diesel corporate while i was at it. definitely let them know about the situation and that you are unhappy about it and see what they say.
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No I didn't contact them yet, but I may indeed do this. I have seen this with at least 3 orders up to now, might be even more when I didn't pay attention well enough. The sample tag in the jeans from my last order is really too obvious.

I think it's clear now that all pictures for the store are taken at Yoox in Italy. Now it's also clear why newly added items in the European online store are usually only available in size L or W32: they just list the sample... Good if you want to be the first with something, but just know that you're getting a sample...
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on a goodside, at least you know exactly what you will get.
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oh shit, I just got my yoox order and all my jeans have a fucking Diesel 'sample' tag on the inside.

Should I care?
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sure let me take them and upload them brb.
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so basically, it's right underneath all the tags, very high quality tag. I'm just thinking to cut it off...
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those are fine.
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my 8dk came today from yoox was a sample too
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Originally Posted by DieselEmployee View Post
oh shit, I just got my yoox order and all my jeans have a fucking Diesel 'sample' tag on the inside.

Should I care?
This is exactly what I got from the Diesel online store (I know Yoox is behind the online store but you'd expect them not to sell the samples under the umbrella of the official Diesel online store). To get wiser, I ordered a second piece in the same size so that I could compare them. The second one was from a normal production run. The production dates differed more than half a year, and the sample was made in Italy while the other one was made in Morocco. Since the sample was fitting me best, I ended up keeping the sample.

As mentioned at the start of this thread, I often get the piece that was used for the photo shoot for the Diesel online store. Sometimes this is a sample and sometimes it isn't. I do recommend to closely verify samples, on one occasion I received a sample that was plain dirty and obviously worn a lot because it was stretched out. This was a Thanaz 8cm (easy to see dirt on ).
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what are samples exactly? They could be many things. I've never been perfectly happy with anything I ordered from yoox, there is always some noticeable flaw. Once or twice they sent the wrong order, sometimes it's rolled up in a bag, other times it's folded neatly in paper wrapping, another time the tag was missing, now samples. Not to mention that out of about 17 orders, 13 of them weren't tagged 'Made in Italy' and you guys know how much that irks me... almost as much as.. or even a little more than... getting a sample.

They have great, efficient service but you got to wonder why the stuff ends up there in the first place.

Revolve is still my favorite online shop but they don't ever have much good when it comes to Diesel.
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What's the matter with samples? The only notable difference is that they have the inside sample tag and they all are 32X32! On a collector point of view, they are much rarer than the others!
Please do note that is sometimes the unique chance you have to get, hues, colors, or washes you will never find for "normal" retail! I HAVE REAL GREAT SAMPLES which were never issued afterwards!
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Originally Posted by DieselEmployee View Post
oh shit, I just got my yoox order and all my jeans have a fucking Diesel 'sample' tag on the inside.

Should I care?
I'm guessing you're being sarcastic.

But who the f* cares about whether it's a sample or not?
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On a separate but related note, it would appear that women's Diesel from the online store has a chance to be a sample pair if ordered in a size 28.
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there has gotta be an economic reason for so many garmets being stamped sample...may have something to do with customs duty...if I remember correctly, when I was in the bus, we paid less duty on samples...it's fucked up that a 2 bill $$$ co does this
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