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Armani thongs?

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Hi all,

Long-time visitor, first-time poster: a few weeks ago I bought a couple pairs of EA flip flops from seller stefanononsolointimo on eBay. The seller's profile says he is in Italy. If


If you look at this page, the description clearly states the thongs are made in Italy.

However, when I inspected the pouches each pair comes in, I noticed a sticker on each bag that says "Made in China"

What am I to think?
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It's possible they were initially produced in China and then finishing touches were done in Italy. A lot of companies do this in order to protect their brand from being devalued.
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I know the last thing the counterfeit people want to do is put a "Made in China" sticker on something that's not supposed to have it

So, the sticker, believe it or not, I took as a good sign.

The two pairs of flip flops did come with their own tags of authenticity. The little cardboard coverings the actual "cards" of authenticity come in looked like they were closed by hand; you know the creasing and such, as if someone closed the little coverings by hand. However, I don't know if Armani does this as a standard procedure. Also, Armani commissions different factories to make certain things for them, and each factory has its own procedures and ways of doing things. Additionally, the shops that sell Armani have their own unique ways of presenting the items for sale.

Raffaello-network.com, from my experience, is known to misrepresent its items and put a "Made in Italy" label on everything under the sun, actually, even when it isn't totally correct.

Thanks for chiming in
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