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Cramp on the eliptical... :(

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Hopefully someone will have some sort of answer for me!
Everytime (almost) i exersize on the eliptical machine (the one without the arms) I get a stitch on my left side under my ribs, towards my stomach. Same place everytime. It really hurts and after i get off the machine i can touch the area and it hurts like its bruised inside.. Any ideas? This isnt the case EVERYTIME but alot of times.. Only time i ever get a cramp (we call it a stitch) is when im on that machine. The one with the arms i can do (even with a slight cramp) and it does not hurt as much but the other machine makes it very painful so i have to get off. Its really fustrating because i love using that machine.. :/ Noone at the gym has any idea.. I dont drink enough water so i think it could be that but it may not be.. :/
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Some extra water ( but not too much) can help lubricate your joints, but I am thinking this is a pulled muscle due to not stretching before you hit the eliptical.

Most people dont do motions simuler to skiiing in their everyday lives, so you may find your abs or arms/legs will tighten up and give you a cramp

Try stretching for 5-10 minutes beforehand, I would also throw in a few crunches to get the abs flexed and see how it goes
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Hello hipslikemonroe,

Definitely do what CUTUP said; drink enough water and stretch for 5-10 minutes before and see if this helps. When exercising, you normally would get cramps or muscle pain when something becomes stretched suddenly or goes too far past its normal range of motion.
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You guys are great..That sounds like a plan. About to go to the gym and will try this! Thanx guys!
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maybe your breathing? you might be holding your breath without even knowing and it's causing the cramping due to lack of oxygen...
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try drinking something liek gatorade...it has a higher concentration of electrolytes in it than water..and cramps are caused by a low electrolyte imbalance :P good luck!
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Aww thanx guys, your all so much more helpful than my gym! hehe!

So i worked out today with pretty much no cramps after taking this advice so i am happy! I work really hard on the breathing but i think working my ab muscles and drinking water before going stright on the machine really helped, so thankyou so much!! xx
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