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Guide to Auth. TR (Under Construction HELP!)

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Hi there all!

This thread will eventually become a guide for finding authentic TRs.
The sticky is "under construction" atm. Please help out if you can by adding some valuable input! I will keep editing the guide, adding and fleshing out things.

This guide can ONLY be as good as we make it. Yes, its a team effort!

Answers to these questions in some form or another will be helpful, but ofcourse dont limit yourself to the questions I'm about to post.

1) How to differentiate between authentic and fake TRs? What do you look for?

2) Who are big sellers on ebay of authentic TRs? (for example dieselofmiami would be a big seller of Diesel).
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thanks to luvapup for the response below! if you disagree with any of her observations (or agree rather), please confirm or refute those observations!

1. SHape of coin pocket/back flap on Joey. Real ones should be quite curved, and come to a point, while most fakes have little curve to them.

2. Stitching: Real ones have very bold stitching, fairly large stitch lengths to all top stitching. Fakes will have smaller stitch lengths, thinner threads.

3. The tacking stitches that reinforce the belt loops & pocket/flap corners:
Usually they are red, sometimes white if they are the clearwater or different washes, however these stitches on real will ALWAYS be very thick, with thick thread & quite bold. Fakes have thinner thread, tiny stitches & are pretty faded looking, all in all poor quality.

4. Inside tag with size for womens jeans: ( mens are different) USUALLY, the words" True Religion Brand Jeans" on real jeans will have the letter "J" in this line slightly larger than the other letters in the phrase, so that the bottom part of the J will dip slightly lower than the rest of the letters. GENERALLY fakes will have these letters all the same size.

5. The shape of the horseshoe on the back pocket: this you will only be able to begin spotting by looking closely at real jeans & noticing the shape & placement of this. Fakes are usually poorly shaped, poorly placed on the pocket, poorly stitched etc. The True Religion horseshoe shape is distinctive. Check out Nordstroms, Revolve Daszign, where you can look at the real pocket pictures in depth & detail.

These are just some of the things to use in checking on TR. TR retails at 172 & up. ANY wholesale price below the 80$ is pretty much going to be fake, no matter HOW MANY pairs are purchased. This price is always the same for authentics.
Check sellers feedback. Check what OTHER items they are selling..
Hope these tips can help you.
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This thread need pics!
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yeah that will come too.

i can take pictures of my TRs, problem is i dont have any fake TRs...so wil need pics of that.
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I have fake Joey pics I can post but I'm traveling so they're not with me. I'll post it later
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thanks ya, i would really love to get some good clear pictures of fake TRs
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OK this is a comparison between my Authentic Medium Vintage Joeys(left) and fake Vintage detroyed(right)

Distressing is way off- the fakes are overdone, real TR's are more subtle and appealing

One of the MAJOR things is the INSIDE POCKETS! The counterfeit TR pockets are very faded with the buddha being barely visible, I believe the reason for this is that they dont think anybody will notice the insides.
Top are real, bottom are the fakes:

Another difference is that the fakes STINK! even after you wash them there is this rotten smell that lingers, probably due to coming from Asia with all those mothbolls!

*Horseshoe- my fake TR horsehoe pockets pretty much started to unravel after the 2nd wash the real ones are long lasting(they have to be since this is TR's trademark)

Hope this helps everyone avoid FAKES FOREVER!
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hey sent you a PM, great pictures! i want more!
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A start for SUPER FAKE TR's. Note the horrible shape of the back pocket horseshoe. ( would be good to be able to contrast this with real pics of the Joey horseshoe)Back pocket tacking stitches at pocket flap edges thin & tiny.

Classic fake crappy stitching on the belt label. Not sewn on neatly, but pretty crooked. Note how the stitches don't even line up with the red border of the belt label. Also note the top stitching at yoke seam. They are small tiny stitch lengths, & thin threads.

Another feature of fake: Hang tag is shiny, and looks like it has been folded in fourths & had the corners bent, ( sort of) Real hang tags are very beat up, and have a dull finish, like they have been through the washing machine. ( They MAY have been!)

http://cgi.ebay.ca/NWT-True-Religion...cmdZ ViewItem

Will be working on more!
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Ok more pics:

Inside tags-the fakes only had the Style and Cut number, while my real ones have that plus P.O number, 100%cotton(printed twice) Made in the USA, Fabrique AU EUA and CA#, Also notice again how the real TR's inner stitching is brighter and more pronounced than the fakes which are duller and poorly stitiched(Real left, fake right):

Back tags-On the fakes the stitchig is coming apart and the texture is different from the real one(fake left, real right):

Zipper-I hadnt noticed this before but my fake TR zipper is almost black while my real ones are a shiny silver. Also the length is different, the fakes are shorter(like the women's version) and my real ones are longer. Also on the fakes it doesnt have the YKK(but beware some fakes do have the YKK, my old dark vintage did so you have to comapre everything)Fake left, real right:

*Rivets/Coin pocket: On the real one pictured first you can see how the horseshoe goes deep inside the pocket, the fake one is shorter, fatter and misaligned. For the rivets the fakes were pretty much the same as the real ones except that they were turned diffrently on the fakes :

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hey stalucky! hope this isnt asking too much but is it possible you could take clearer pictures? they're really blurry. not sure if you have a tripod or access to natural light or something it would be soooo helpful! i want to get nice pics since they'll be up for a LONG time
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Note the letter "J" in 'Brand Jeans' dips slightly lower thab the rest of the letters. This is a real tag.

Same letter J is now the same size as the rest of the letters in the phrase.
This tag is fake.

These are general for the most part. Some fakes have been reported to have the "J" like this real tag. This is one tool to use among all the others.

Note the shape of the back pockets, flaps and the horseshoe. Fake is on the right.
Also note stitches at pocket corners. Fake at right has thin stitches, & threads. Real at left has bolder thread & stitching. Also look at the top stitching. Stitches are of smaller length & thinner on the fake.

Again note the stitching on both pairs. Bolder stitching are on the real one at left, than on the fake on the right.

Keep in mind that this is a fairly good quality fake. There are many many fakes that the differences are much more obvious.
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Fake vs Real Miss Groovy

First thing to note here is the placement of the entire embroidery. The real one is positioned beautifully in the center of the pocket/leg, while the fake is off center, crooked and a good part of the embroidery is into the crotch & inner seam.

Also note the topstitching again. Horseshoe shapes.

Fake Miss Groovy coin pocket. Topstitching tiny, & thin. Curve of flap very minor. Wash very faded out.
Miss Groovy is done in Dark Pony Express. The real ones above have been washed twice. This fake is 'brand new' & the wash is no where what it should be.
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thanks keep em coming
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Ok I do not own any fakes but have seen plenty on the internet. Aipume if this is not ok with you, feel free to delete this. Here are some pics of real vs fake jeans, some pics were taken from ebay:

Fake godivas, notice her eyes, they should not be huge and all over the place, the color of the jean is off and so is the embroidery:

Real Godivas (pic from vipfashions), her eyes look very pretty as does the coloring of the embroidery:

Fake hangtag, this one is way too perfect and not distressed:

Real hangtag (my pic), hangtag should look like it has been through the washer machine and then dried in the sun or something:

New style hangtag (my pic), this is coming on the newer washes and will probably make the cardboard ones obsolete, note some new washes might still come with old tags as they have to use them up:

New inside tags (my pics), first tag is the size tag with horseshoe on it and they now have microstitching that say security something (can't make out other word). Second (middle) tag has just a horseshoe on it. Third tag is the white papery tag that says style and cut number and some other info like PO# and material:

Back Buddha patch tag is very important for revealing fakes. On the fake ones, the buddha has a thumb and two very fat rectangle shaped fingers with a line in the middle. On the real ones, the buddha has a thumb and four very distinct fingers:


Real (my pic):

The biggest style that is faked right now in True Religion is the Joey Destroyed. About 90% on ebay right now are fake!!
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Wow, I am really learning a lot here. This forum is very very helpful. Thanks everyone.
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this section isnt done yet, im just compiling stuff :P so its a mess

feel free to post your own comparisions if you have fake TRs and authentic ones side by side pictures with good focus are the best!
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Ok, since mine were decidedly fake, maybe I can contribute here.

The back tag with the Budha has that three-finger instead of four distinctive fingers thing going on and the blue ink bled into the white when I washed them:

...and the horseshoe stitching on the back is way too oval:

Oh, and something I hadn't heard mentioned before until ally24k mentioned it - "the white paper tag should not be larger than the cloth tag":
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Some of these might be redundant........

1. Back pocket---fake ones aren't as curvy, and the horseshoe designs look too skinny

2. Front coin pocket (Joeys)---fake ones aren't curvy

3. Back label--- stitching on the fakes are sloppy, and in my pic the tag said "FASTIDE for the senses" instead of " FASHION for the senses"

4. Inner pocket Budhas are stamped on the fake pair; thus, they will show some fading.
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thanks great pics
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Here are some better photos of the ones I posted above...

Left to right:
1. The two finger thing and pilling of the blue thread on back tag.
2. Bottom tag larger than the top.
3. Inside cut/style tag.
4. Horseshoes too oval on back pockets.

If you look closely at #2, you can also see that they screwed up on the outline of TRUE RELIGION on the left of the T. There is an extra red line that shouldn't be there (at least I don't think so!). Another thing is that the button is all faded and dull, not sure if the real ones are like that.
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The first picture is of the fake TR's. The inside pocket is very faded. The bottom picture is of the real TR's. Notice the vivid and bold Buddha on the inside pockets.

The top Buddha back tag is of the fakes. Notice the blocky fingers. Also, the stitching is very crooked and thin. The bottom tag is on the Real Joey Destroyed jeans. The fingers are well defined. The stitching is bold and even.

The top picture is of the fakes. The horseshoes do not fill the pocket as the real ones do on the bottom. These are of different styles - the bottom is destroyed, but all horseshoes look similar. The fakes typically look different and do not come almost to the stitching. Also, the curves on the pockets are not as defined on the fakes as you will notice.

The top picture is of the fake hangtag. The bottom is on the real jeans. They actually look similar, although some of the fakes have almost new hangtags. The real hangtags are very destroyed and look like they have been through a lot!

The fakes that I have are pretty good fakes IMO. I like them and they fit fabulously. However, they are not authentic. The fakes that I have are crystal pockets and TR has never produced a crystal pocket jean!

Hopefully these pictures help someone identify fakes vs. real. I think that they will be helpful because the jeans that I have that are fake are pretty good by many accounts!
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