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I have been looking to find a cardio kickboxing class and I called a local martial arts center and they do not offer cardio kickboxing but do offer kravmaga.

According to the center's phone rep, kravmaga is a form of self defense/cardio kickboxing class--but kravmaga is an actual israeli military defense.

I guess my question is--has anyone taken this? Is it good for toning/weight loss?
I'm kind of nervous because this isnt what I was actually looking for but it sounds interesting.

Any info/experience would be appreciated
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I'm always told that kravmaga is one of the quickest ways to learn how to kill/disable someone by my own martial arts instructors...

As far as being good for toning/weight loss, doing something is better than doing nothing, but if that's your main goal you should look for something else.
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my dad was a soldier in the IDF (israeli defense forces) when he was younger.

kravmaga is not like tae bo or tai kwon do or some useless martial art that has you punching and kicking in the air and hi-ya'ing repeatedly. its about disabling or killing someone as quickly as you can. practical, no frills.

with that said, it would be good to know, and an intensely good workout, but im not sure if its exactly what you are looking for. the wiki article on krav maga has more
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