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Mr. V we don't know and love whoever that guy is, like we do Ben.

Although in the millions of pics there are some nice ones of a Duke like mine.
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Hey BLM14

I also have a pair of Levis Eco 501 STF on the way, and was wondering how they shrank? 'Cause I bought a pair of regular 501 STFs a while ago at 36 but they hardly shrank after wash and wear, and were too loose. So this time I got the Eco 501 STFs but at 32.. but the person selling them described them said that although they were tagged 32, they measured a W38 and should shrink all the way down to 32.

Your thoughts?
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doing a soak in the denim, sounds like a great idea.
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I found that they didnt shrink much in the waist but I wore them during the soak and they havent seen water since then so I'm not sure I can make definitive statements about shrinkage.
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I do that with most if not all of my STF jeans. Typically I buy them so that they already fit in the waist which means if they shrink a lot they'll be too small. That first hot soak really shapes them forever, so I wear them in the tub and then subsequent machine washes dont shrink so much.
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i had teh "Earnest Sewn cut&sew full selvage japanese denim " they were nice fitting jeans to bad back then i didn;t know u had to wear it for 6 months. so the fades didn't come out as much but still faded.
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BLM14-- I have a few questions regarding the STF process.

So should I exchange my STFs for a pair that will already fit true to size, then do a hot soak while wearing them?
Can the wearing while soaked be bypassed with a waist band stretcher set on the desired size?
How do you recommend I go about this?

I am thinking about what you said, and it is making sense. I bought a regular pair of STFs according to the label's instructions on sizing up, but they never really shrank down to where I wanted them permanently. After the first soak they were good, but then they started to stretch out over time into somewhere near the size I bought them in.
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In general, most STF denim will stretch out. Some of them a LOT. I've purchased STF jeans that when raw I couldn't even button the top two buttons and after a soak and some squats JUST get them buttoned. After a month of wear, they're loose in the waist.
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I would love to see pictures of them on you (the ones that have a lot of wear already.)
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hahaha will try - the GF has very little patience for such things but at least I should get some pix of the S5000VX once they have their 5th wash
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