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the Somets are really nice...very slim with a real low rise which I need,,they didn't have my size and they think all the ones they're getting in are already spoken for
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
you decide on the 005 or 008? 005 is thicker and slubby, which is nice, but 008 has the illest fades. 008 looks more like a true vintage denim when broken in, so the end result will end up more like a 772-type look. 005 looks just like any other broken in raw, which will be darker and more contrasty kinda like 71b.
i orginally was thinking about going for the 005 just because the 008 seems to bright of a blue. But, i'm really going for the end result, so 008 seems to be a better choice.

However, PBJ inseams mean no stacking! I love the stacked look that you can get from some raw denim (obviously dior) - just don't know which one's in particular.

I'm still eye-ing somet because of the inseams.
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^ Have you seen any worn pics of the PBJ 008 or 005?
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008 is not bright by any means, they are very dark. they just look obviously dark navy when new as opposed to how a lot of new raw denim looks almost black. i was actually asking to let you know that 008 runs much tighter than 005, so you would definitely need to go with 32 in those.
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i own 008 and posted pic of them in the diesel section a while back. go to sufu, there is an entire thread for pbj with lots of fit and progress pics. most are 005 though, because 008 is a newer model.
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jskid! I just realized that BiG has the 008 in one wash:

So before i order these can you help me out with sizing...
Again, my diesels measure out to 32" (even though they're tagged 30 - i need actual to be 32 inches)
So, the one wash 008 in size 32 measure out to 31" which is too small, but would these stretch to perfection?
Or would i go with one wash 008 in size 33 which measure to 32" - these would fit perfect upon reciept - but stretch too much?

I'm glad i at least noticed that they have one wash
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well, i have them in a 28 and i wear a 26 in diesel, but the 008's are almost unbearably tight in the waist. i on;y wore them a few times though, so i bet they would stretch out. the thighs are pretty much as tight as my 26w thanaz. hope that helps.
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were yours one wash?

If not, what did they shrink to after you washed them (in inches) - and what do your thanaz measure out to?

thanks again
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^ Also....you don't soak/wash a one wash when you first get it right?
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Originally Posted by sunman42000 View Post
were yours one wash?

If not, what did they shrink to after you washed them (in inches) - and what do your thanaz measure out to?

thanks again
mine were raw because there was not a one-wash available when i got them. i don't remember what they shrank to exactly, but they were tight as fuck. right now they measure a little over 14" i think. honestly, i wouldn't use mine as an example since self-soaking is extremely inexact. i would stick to the measurements on the website and if you have more questions just call them up and ask. they can help more than me for specific sizing advice. personally i think that you would be ok with the 32 because i think it would stretch an inch, and if its tight you could wet the waist and wear them to stretch it faster. or you could get them raw and wear them either during or right after the soak (while they are still wet) to control the waist stretching. i actually wedged a giant pasta pot in the waist of mine during the soak to control the shrink a bit because i knew that they would be too small if they shrank the max amount.

and no, you should not soak a one-wash jean.
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I don't know if this helps but I wear 28-29 in Diesel, and my pbj 008 is tight as fuck.
I got them one wash and had to size up 3.

The 008 doesn't really fit like Viker though.
Its a bit more slimmer from the thighs down.
The thighs and hip is more curvy and not as straight as Viker.
They fit really tight in the seat as well.

I like the fit, but they are def. not for everyone.
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skidder - samurai got slimmer cuts now with the S710XX/BK

Sunman2000 - you can control the shrinkage when you soak your unsanforized jeans, put them on and sit the tub. so if u do plan to get the pbj 005's u can go with 31, it'll stretch back out overtime, mine is close to how the waist was when raw(they sit lowish).

raw unsanforized denim, if you dont do an initial soak, when its time to wash your jeans, it'll shrink and ur fades is not gonna be where its suppose to be.
washing often does not f*ck up ur jeans, its just that the contrast wont be as extreme.
when its dirty, and girls wont get near u, wash them... and Febreeze will be ur new best friend.
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I have the 008's. They are pretty slim everywhere, but not too tight. I got em raw and did a lukewarm soak. They defintiely shrunk down a fair amount but i am wearing them now while slightly damp so they will be able to stretch better. From the knee down they aren't tight, just slim. I love them.
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both the PBJ'e (005 & 00 and the Flat Head f310 would probably suit you very well, I have the 310 but I sized up a couple from my diesel size because the thighs are super slim and I love them so far.

As for one-wash/raw its really a prdfernce thing. I will always buy raw pairs because I enjoy the soaking process and you can also control what areas you want to shrink less (putting a hanger in the waist so it doesnt shrink as much or wearing them wet so they still fit over your thighs). Either way, the pairs you are looking at are all very nice and youll be very happy with them.

Nice thing about buying from BiG or Self Edge (and getting a one wash) is that they will gladly exchange them for a different size if the one you ordered doesnt work out. Good luck and keep us posted on whichever pair you decide on!
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