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My first designer bag(s)

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Ahhh, I'm so bad!

I just purchased the LV Damier Speedy from missyanne...

.....AND a Chloe Paddington Satchel from a member of Purse Forum.


But celebrate with me first! These are my first-ever designer bags!

(Actually, I have a leather hobo in a cognac-like colour from the Coach Outlet, but nothing that makes my heart beat like these two!)
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YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Congrats! You need to upload pics!
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congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!!

those are two gorgeousss bags to start out with!!
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2 very nice choices for sure!!

big congrats

i LV
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Please post pics-they both sound gorgeous!
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I'll definitely do so once they've arrived. I also recently purchased 2 pairs of SFAMs (it's been so long since I've done so!) and a Milly dress.
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congrats 2 great choices
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My precious...
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Wow I like the paddington a lot. If they weren't so heavy to carry, I would totally get one. The blue is very cute. =)
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They're gorgeous! The blue on the paddington is really nice.
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in person t's more like a grey, but there's enough blue in there to make it stand out.
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ohhhh im so jealous! I want a damier speedy so bad!

Is that a 25?
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Just beautiful!
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ah the paddy is gorgeous! may i ask how much you got it for? I'm hoping for a paddy too.
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Nice finds! Seeing your paddy is making me reconsider having it on ebay... but I just bought a diamond ring. ugh.
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ooo i like! some great first handbag buys you have there!
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ur so funny .. i luv ur bags ~~~
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Those are such beautiful bags! Congrats! How much did you spend??

How do i get an invite to the purse forum? I wanna join LOL!
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where can i get them ??
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You don't need an invitation to the purse forum, you need an invitation to sell/buy and you must have at least 500 posts.
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Beautiful bags!

Do you find the Paddy to be heavy?
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is that the Jean Moyen that was on there for a while at SUPER CHEAP? if so....i was SOOO surprised no one had snatched it up already!

anyhoo, congrats. you made two EXCELLENT choices!!
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beautifu l !!!!~~~~~~~~~~~lol..
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Congrats on your purchase.....
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