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Chicken Ideas

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Hey I was wondering if anyone has yummy, but healthy ideas to prepare chicken breasts since they are kinda plain tasting. I have tried marinating them but it burns in the George Foreman grill and I do not like breaded meat. Thanks!!!
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Have you tried adding chicken to a stir fry or something? I looove grilled chicken, so I don't think I'm much help
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i pan fry (nonstick, no fats) and then douse with sweet and sour sauce and sriracha chili sauce; eat with rice.
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I like marinating in italian dressing over night and then baking in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes or so. The chicken comes out so soft and tender and very tasty.
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I have always liked just throwing on some very basic seasonings like oregano, garlic, chili pepper. Last time I made them and used a seafood rub (it had lemon,garlic,and some other spices).
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men's health always has a couple of recipes in it each month that are healthy and super tasty, though it's not just chicken. james has made a bunch of these dishes and they always turn out delicious. they have recipes listed on their website as well, and most of the recipes have nutrition info:

Recipe List - Men's Health

(and yes, I am a woman reading men's health. honestly, though I read women's health as well, men's health is a better read)
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I have a good recipe that I really like that I got from my weight watchers group and I try to share it with everyone lol

1 cup of ketchup, 1 can of diet cola, mix those together and pour that over 3 or 4 chicken breasts. Simmer that on low heat for about 45mins to an hour and youll have SUPER tender chicken with a nice barbeque sauce..

You can speed up the cooking if you want but it wont be quite as tender. When the sauce is nice and thick thats when its done.

Very yum! sounds gross but just try it.
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