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Got some APC New Standards...

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I got them in size 26, but their really, really big on me =(

I got them from SuFu so i cant really do a return or anything... would a hot soak make these shrink?

Their about 1.5" too big in the thigh and waist
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no, they will not shrink. apc is sanforized. you should have gone with the new cures and gone down to a 25. aoc runs notoriously huge.
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You may as well try to resell them, it's only going to get worse.
It's normally recommended to go down 2 sizes from your true waist w/ APC... they stretch like crazy.
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well shit So I need a 24 0.o

Oh well, it was an impulse buy
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Rule of thumb for APC, downsize by 2-3 if you can. APC stretches ALOT. a hot soak will shrink it back. but it'll stretch back out with the quickness

oh yeah... smallest APC run is 25
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Well the seller shipped these with UPS so I got absolutely raped on brokerage fees, I guess ill keep these as an experimental pair

So far, I have soaked them once, right after that the waist was perfect, but yeah that did stretch. Right now, they look really weird on because the thigh and waist is too loose and the knee down is too tapered, so I decided to take advantage of the strech by streching out the knee down.

(see paper towel rolls below :P)

Now, I no longer look like a peg in them
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they don't look that bad, though i think new cure would be a better cut for your build.
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Yeah I think so too, next time I guess ill just order from APCs site :P
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that's actually not a bad fit dude. You should fix the leg & stack those mofos, they'll look pretty good once you get some wear on them. Expect them to keep stretching in the waist though...
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How do I get them to stack right? Im seeing all these pictures of really neat stacking, but for me they just look like a lump

I did notice the waist streching, right after I hot soaked, I went to sleep in them. At that point, they were actually tight on my waist, but by the time I woke up, they loosened up quite a bit. Ah well, lets see where this goes
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no jeans will stack properly right away. as you wear them they will settle down and look natural as the denim softens.
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keep them def. they look good, too tight well look bad i think its just perfect
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You're about as skinny as I am. Here are the NS blacks in size 25...I could've easily gone for a 24 (they only sell that size in France). Unfortunately, I don't think yours are going to fit very well post-stretching (but don't let that discourage you).

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I picked up my first raw selvedge today in the APC new standards today, i'm psyched.

I'm bigger than you though, size 31. We shall see how they come in.
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t.epic that pair looks rad. You've gotta tell us their story!
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t.epic, damnit that fit is perfect See now I feel bad about my pair! Do you have new cures?
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